Smile Restoration with Cosmetic Dentistry


Ill-structured teeth, stained teeth, crooked or chipped teeth, missing teeth, you may have seen people suffering from such structural problems with respect to their smile. It becomes very difficult for a person to live a confident, well maintained life without a maintained smile. Aesthetics of face complements the features of an individual personality. Following an ill maintained life or having teeth and gums neglected in their health status will lead to further deterioration of smile and your good looks. But with modern, advance procedures of cosmetic dentistry, you can brighten up your smile. Even if you are having unattractive teeth that mar the way you look and feel, you can get helped by professional, well experienced dentists. With the help of complete oral health diagnosis, you will get to know what you specifically need in terms of smile restoration. Even if you have recently met with an accident that led to broken teeth and affected gums, you can get full mouth restoration benefits from such dental experts. While there are people who think of neglecting such dental deformities as a good idea, there are also those who take good care of their oral health. Which one is your pick? Do you want to look impressive when you smile to others? Here’s how cosmetic dentistry can you give a brand new smile:

Get Your Teeth Whitened

Were you once addicted to the habit of smoking and got stained, yellow teeth that repel your friends from you? You can feel good by knowing the fact that with standard teeth whitening procedures, you can get quick results to make your ugly smile impressive. Particularly in women, there is extra craze of looking more impressive with their smiles. They prefer to sparkle up their smiles using all possible ways. Teeth whitening procedures served by expert dentists fulfills their needs and help them get the smile they long for.

Cover Front Teeth Surface with Veneers

With thin leaves having color as same as the color of your teeth, porcelain veneers are used to cover the distorted teeth shape, size and alignment from the front. If you want such teeth distortions to be covered with something that will be custom designed as per your specific teeth structure. Cosmetic dentist are skilled in serving such procedures and will make the veneers to fit entirely over your teeth. A complete oral health diagnosis is required prior to such procedures so that the dentist will get to know and recommend the best solution.

Opt for Bridges and Implants

Lost and missing tooth also make the person look ugly and less attractive. While the cause of losing tooth or teeth may vary, the common procedures are of making use of dental implants or bridges. In case of single tooth loss, getting dental implants is more preferred as it does not affect the structure of the adjacent teeth. A metal frame will be inserted into the jaw bone over which a cap of porcelain will be attached to complete the gap. In case of dental bridges, the support from the adjacent teeth is taken to add artificial teeth in place of missing teeth.

Lifting of Gums for a Better Smile

It is natural for people to have a smile in which gums appear more than teeth. But they feel disturbed on seeing their own less attractive smile and prefer to stay away from gatherings. Restructuring gummy smile is possible with gum lifting dental procedure. Expert cosmetic dentists offer such treatments and level up the gum line to make the smile look symmetrical in terms of teeth and attractive too. You can also get such aesthetically pleasing smiles with treatments from experts.

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