Toothache – Faqs

What is toothache?

Toothache is a condition related to the irritation in the nerve root of the tooth. Each tooth has a soft spongy dental pulp, the inflammation of which causes pain in the tooth. Toothache usually takes place due to dental decay or dental cavities. Toothache is a very common problem and can happen to anybody at any point of time.

What are the common causes for toothache?

Common Causes of Tooth Ache: Tooth decay, Swelling of the pulp, Consumption of soft drinks, Consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugar, Faulty diet , Tooth infection, Crack in the tooth.

How can toothache be prevented?

The best way to prevent toothache is to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Try to avoid cavities by reducing your intake of sugary foods and drinks – have them as an occasional treat and at mealtimes only. Brush the teeth twice daily by using a toothpaste containing fluoride really helps. Cleaning between the teeth using dental floss, woodsticks, or an inter-dental brush according to your dentist’s advice will help prevent toothache.

What should one do in the case of a toothache?

  • Avoid hot, cold or sweet stimuli. This will help prevent pain from pulpitis.
  • Take a pain killer under the dentist’s guidance.
  • If the pain is caused by exposed root surfaces, toothpaste for sensitive teeth, either used normally or rubbed onto the exposed root, may be helpful.
  • A saltwater mouthwash can also prevent infection if you have mouth ulcers.
  • Visit the dentist as soon as possible.
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