Crowded teeth/ Crooked teeth -Faqs

What will happen when one has crowded or crooked teeth?

Crowded or crooked teeth that overlap, protrude, or recess in a haphazard fashion can often be perceived as a personal disfigurement. Apart from looking aesthetically unpleasing, crowded teeth also affect the general dental condition of your mouth. They tend to attract food deposits, which get trapped in the narrow spaces, and are difficult to keep clean with routine oral hygiene. This leads to higher incidence of tooth decay and gum disease.

What Causes Crooked Teeth?

Crooked teeth can be because of crowded teeth, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, premature loss of baby teeth, a poor breathing airway caused by enlarged adenoids or tonsils can all contribute to poor tooth positioning. It can also be because of the hereditary factors and extra teeth, large teeth, missing teeth, wide spacing, small jaws can also cause crooked teeth.

What can be done to correct the crowded teeth?

Till some years ago, orthodontic treatment was the only solution to crowded teeth. But now we have an alternative in cosmetic dentistry. Crowded teeth may require a combination of treatments in order to achieve an aesthetically and functionally satisfactory result. Individual problems require individual solutions, and the final decision about the right treatment procedure will be made by the dentist.

Who can use braces?

Anyone who has crowded teeth, protruding upper front teeth, excessive overlapping of the front teeth, spacing between the teeth, headaches or jaw pain, protrusive lower or upper jaws, inability to bite or chew food easily, missing teeth or difficulty cleaning due to crowded teeth can benefit from braces. Age should not be a factor stopping anyone from getting braces.

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