Facilities available at Surya Dental Care

  • Fully automatic computerized comfortable dental chairs and units.
  • Digital Intraoral xray machine – With minimum radiation and Instant X-ray images
  • Intraoral camera for image recording
  • Ultrasonic scaler for fast and efficient teeth cleaning
  • Air abrasion unit for quick and effective stain removal
  • Advanced Power Authorized tooth whitening system
  • Advanced Center for dental implants and aesthetics
  • Fiber Optic Light curing unit for tooth coloured composite fillings and dentin bonding
  • Digital Apex locator for root canal therary
  • Rotary endodontic system for faster and easier root canal treatments
  • Ultrasonic instrument cleaner
  • Autoclave for complete disinfection and sterilization
  • Fiber optic handpieces for accurate and precise work
  • Software’s for dental imaging:
    • Patient Education
    • Patient Record Management
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