About Us

Surya Dental Care, located in the prime area of Trichy TamilNadu, was established in 1999 as a multispeciality dental center with State of the art facilities with the sole intent of providing ideal and comfortable dental care for all its patients.

Whether you are based in India or any other part of the world you can be assured of receiving the finest in dental care at Surya Dental Care.

With its highly skilled and reputed panel of specialist dental surgeons Headed by Dr.P.Senthil Kumar M.D.S., spanning across all fields of dentistry, an array of dental procedures, right from one sitting root canals to advanced smile makeovers, dental implants, and full mouth rehabilitation are all performed under one roof.

Highly skilled specialist dental surgeons spread across all fields of dentistry.

  • All dental procedures under one roof.
  • Ultra – hygienic and strict standards of sterilization are maintained. Disposable materials and instruments are used wherever possible
  • The most advanced techniques are performed using the latest equipments and materials.
  • Friendly environment set in a pleasant ambience.
  • Extra emphasis on patient education and superior dental aesthetics.
  • Priority appointment arrangements possible for people with time constraints.
  • Affordable fee structure. Dental procedures at Surya Dental Care are priced at a fraction of the cost compared to the exact same dental procedures in countries like U.K. and the U.S.A.
  • All major credit cards accepted.



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