Pain in the teeth commonly occurs to people of all ages and you can find children or even adults holding their hands across their mouth while feeling toothache. When such dental ailments are examined by the expert dentists, it has been generally explained that the cause is because of dental cavities. Bacteria and germs have eroded their tooth enamel and are leading to deeper cavities that cause toothache. Dental treatment followed on a regular basis can relieve the patients suffering from such conditions. Having germs attacking the teeth for a long time especially when the dental health has been neglected in the modern lifestyle is one aspect covered. But are cavities the only cause of toothache? The facts say that there are other reasons which also cause toothache. Do you want to know why your teeth hurt even when you are diagnosed and found no cavities? Here are the possible reasons:

Bruxism and Teeth Grinding

Other than cavities, a person may be having an aching tooth because of the habit of teeth grinding. Such habits are often formed when such oral health concerns are neglected for a long time. Stress can also be the reason why a person grinds his teeth. Having excessive pressure on the teeth unnecessarily or because of ill-structured teeth also leads to aching tooth. Whether a child or an adult is found to have the habit of teeth grinding, his oral health should be properly checked and cured with the help of expert dentists. The extent to which a tooth or teeth are paining will also determine the kind of treatment that should be taken in use. This is the reason why it is advised to visit dentists for proper dental care.

Wisdom Teeth

Even in case of the people who properly cleans their teeth and regularly visit expert dentists for dental examination, tooth ache may occur. It can be because of the impacted wisdom teeth. It also happens that at the time of eruption of wisdom teeth in the mouth, they are blocked by the structure of the teeth around. These wisdom teeth which cannot fully erupt into the mouth cause pain. Other than this, inflammation or infection may occur because of infected adjacent teeth.

Gum Infections

Critically affected gums may also lead to pain in the teeth. This happens because teeth are structured on the gums and any infection in the gums will eventually affect the strength of the teeth. In major cases, unhealthy eating habits as well as neglect of oral health problems. Even people who are not suffering from any such issues can prevent them from occurring with the help of well maintained, healthy lifestyle. There are even infections in the mouth and gums which cannot be seen until they reach a critical extent. Dental diagnosis will help in keeping such infections at check.

Highly Sensitive Teeth

Some dental patients have the enamel of their teeth already worn down. This causes the nerves to be vulnerable to tooth sensitivity. Have you heard people feeling odd feelings or vibrations in their teeth on eating hot or cold eatables? This is because of the tooth sensitivity to heat. Regular care of teeth with the help of special kind of toothpastes or getting complete treatment from dentists will aid in such dental problems. Other than this, patients feel tooth sensitivities for a few days after going through the dental procedures.

Dislodged Fillings

The dental fillings made for the treatment of cavities may get dislodged if the treatment is not done in the best manner. Such inefficient dental procedures will result in losing the fillings which causes pains. Getting served by the experienced dentists is thus, advised.