Oral health maintenance is very important for overall health. When the dental problems are neglected for long time, oral health problems comes up like a surprise. There are wide range of symptoms dental patients suffer from, ranging from tooth ache, gum bleeding, insomnia or even lost appetite. The effect of such illness can be seen on the work life, studies and much more. But things turn to the worst when the oral health problems reaches mind. Mental illness caused due to dental problems generally exists when the oral cavity has been affected to a critical extent. A common toothache or gum bleeding does not cause mental sufferings until the time the cause of such a problem becomes bigger and bigger with time. Seeking dental examination from an expert dentist is what such a patient needed on immediate basis. What are the common dental sufferings which affects state of mind and cause depression? Given below are the psychological effects for oral health problems for which you should seek dental treatments as early as possible:

Stained Teeth and Poor Oral Hygiene

Bad habits like excessive smoking or alcohol addiction cause stained teeth and even affect the health of gums. People having yellowish teeth feel depressed and tensed while connecting with their acquaintance and friends. The neglect felt may cause depression in their minds with which it becomes difficult for them to socialize well within the society. Similarly, people with bad breath problems feel odd when others start to neglect them. It is when such dental problems are diagnosed and cured in their early stages that their effects on mental health can be minimized.

Dental Problems Causing Heart Diseases

It has also been found that the patients suffering from gum disease has higher risk of suffering from heart diseases. Inflammation in the gums may be causing clotting of blood which is considered one of the prime causes of heart attacks. Also, the excessive consumption of sugar causes risk of tooth erosion, which in turn lead to cardiovascular diseases. The risk of such diseases is also a cause of depression amongst people.

Lack of Nutrition Causing Mental Disorders

With unbalanced diet taken for a very long time, oral health gets affected. Alongside, when the body is not getting the required nutrition, the mind will start to suffer in its functioning. The mind does need energy to work properly and direct other body parts in their functioning. As an ultimate result, ill maintained oral health leads to depression as the cause of lack of nutrition is common in both the aspects. Such health related aspects can be best served with the intake of balanced diet as suggested by a dietician. A dentist can also suggest nutritional diet based on the effect of depression on teeth and gums.

Depression and Diabetes

As described above, oral health problems causes depression and a stressful mind is also the cause behind increasing sugar level in the blood. It has been found that tensions in mind about life or work increases the risk of diabetes. The higher the level of sugar in blood is, the more vulnerable teeth are from the attack of germs, thus causing cavities. Whether a person is at the corner of suffering from diabetes or is already suffering from it, prevention rather than cure in terms of overall as well as dental health is the best solution possible. In the increased level of sugar maintained over long time without treatment, the patient is also at the risk of tooth erosion as sugar is the worst enemy of teeth.

It can be seen that oral health and depression are highly interconnected. Getting regular treatment to oral health problems can help in avoiding stress.