Addiction to Smoking and Oral Health

Have you witnessed the lives of people with habits of excessive smoking? It is a well accepted fact that they will likely to suffer from lung cancer, coughing fits, asthma or similar other diseases. It is not much hard to find people enjoying puffs of smoke created by burning tobacco. People know that such a habit will harm their lives to great extent. Still, they just cannot realize when a habit turns to become an addiction and ruin their lives. Another less known side effect of smoking that is not well known to people is of oral health problems. With smoke filled into the mouth for enjoyment, people never realize they are creating an unhealthy environment for the germs and bacteria to breed upon. Unhealthy oral cavity not just means bleeding gums and aching teeth in such cases. Rather, it eventually leads to constricted blood flow inside the mouth. Do you want to know more about the effect of smoking on your health? Along with the required information, facts and details, you should get your teeth and gums diagnosed by an expert dentist to know your oral health profile. It is not only safe for you to get rid of such a habit, but saves your family from suffering just because of you.

Unhealthy Impact of Excessive Smoking

How can a person realize that the habit of smoking is having ill effects on his life? It is important to know what the related symptoms of the possible dental problems are. Here are some of the symptoms you can check and save yourself from the habit:

1. Foul Breath

Have you ever come closer and talk to a person who smoke or has recently enjoyed a cigarette? You can easily identify his habit of smoking with the smell of his foul breath. While the temporary foul smell may get lost in the air soon, the habit of excessive smoking results in permanent, decaying smell from the mouth.

2. Longer Oral Health Treatment Procedures

People following a habit of smoking get their muscles and nerves of mouth weakened with time. While they are not willing to quit this habit, any oral health treatment they take much more time than usual. This is because of the already weakened muscles which take more time to respond to the oral surgery done.

3. Stained Teeth

It is one of the most common effects of smoking you can easily find amongst people you know about. The smoke taken in and enjoyed negatively affects teeth color and creates a layer of yellowish stain all over it. Such stains cannot be easily removed by brushing as they are the result of long term exposure of teeth to harmful smoke.

4. Oral Cancer Risk

Excessive smokers are highly prone to suffer from oral cancers. There are thousands or even more patients losing their lives because of such critical dental diseases caused because of their habit of smoking. Generally, people follow such an habit without thinking about the worst problems that would arise.

How Expert Dentists Serve Addiction to Smoking?

Qualified dentists not only just know about the ill effects of smoking. They also know how to treat the possible problems and about how to quit such addiction habits. While serving numerous patients with critical dental diseases occurred because of smoking, they have gained the experience to treat, advice as well as make recommendations similar other patients. Visiting such a dentist will surely help in serving the existing oral health. So, if you or any close acquaintance you are connected to is indulged in smoking, you can advice him to get served by such dentists.

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