What People Generally Ask About Cavity Treatments?

Out of the most common dental problems people suffer with, cavities has its causes lying in the way we live our lives, particularly the way we eat. It is not just limited to a particular region of the world as people of all ages and also from around the world is suffering from this dental destruction. More than fifty percent of children in their early ages and around eighty five percent adults suffer from this oral health problem. Its occurrence on such a big scale makes it a subject of consideration as well as discussion amongst people. Not only this, people do have doubts about what cavities are and how they affect the overall oral health. Do you wish to know the common questions raised about dental cavities worldwide and their answers too? Read more to be aware of it and to prevent your teeth to suffer from it:

1. Are Cavities Easily Visible In Their Early Stages?

This is something which creates a lot of doubts in the minds of people. Actually, cavities can exist even without any visible symptoms that a patient can see by himself. In the initial stages of cavities, the sufferer may not feel as the degradation of tooth enamel has just started. But after a certain stage, it will result in discomfort and pain. Plus, it should also be known that all kinds of toothache cannot just be the reason of dental cavities. There can be other problems and diseases in the oral cavity. So before taking any treatment, the cause of the sufferings should be well diagnosed by an expert. You can get the best advice for prevention in cases of initial conditions that may lead to cavities soon.

2. What Happens to Our Teeth When We Are Suffering From Cavities?

A well sought question related to cavities is whether it occurs suddenly. But the fact says that dental cavities builds up over time and starts from the tooth enamel. The bacteria in our mouth feed on the food we eat and create acidic content. This acid erodes the surface enamel over teeth. Since most of the people are unable to eat healthy in the modern world, the slow damage to the enamel of teeth continues for a long time and causes cavities. Other than the clarified fact of how it occurs, this description also tells how and when it can be prevented. While the surfacial damage on teeth is in the initial stages, it can be prevented.

3. Can Cavities Heal With Time On Their Own?

Dental experts are often asked to answer this question. But it is just not possible once the cavities are found affecting the teeth to deeper extents. The bacteria and germs stay there in the cavity and cause further damage if they are not cleaned with the help of dental procedures for cavities. Thus, it always advised to get the oral health diagnosed after a regular period of time to avoid worsening stages of cavities. Once the cavity reaches the pulp, it becomes very painful and can even infect the other adjacent teeth structure.

4. What Are The Dental Procedures Followed For Cavities?

Since there are harmful bacteria dwelling in the dental cavities, the first step followed by dentists to treat the suffering is cleaning of tooth. This is done to remove bacteria from the cavity in order to avoid any further damage. In major cases where cavities have already reached gums, anesthesia is used to numb the gum before clearing the bacteria using a pointed needle. Next to it, the cleaned region is then filled with filling to complete the structure.

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