Mouth Breathing in Children


What Causes Mouth Breathing In Children?

Have you ever seen your children taking in deep breaths with his mouth wide open? Have you got him examined and diagnosed for any related disease? If not, you should know that your child or children may be suffering from mouth breathing problems. This is something which can easily go unnoticed as people find breathing from mouth as an alternative to nose breathing. It happens sometimes that they feel difficult to breathe through the nose may be because of cold or any other nose blocked situations. But in children, this should be considered a serious health issue which may last for a lifetime. It is best to consider getting treatments from a reputed lung specialist to get the problems covered. No parent wants his child to suffer in any health hazard. And there is just no reason why such breathing problems in children should be neglected by parents. It may even be fatal for not considering the respiratory issues at early stages.

Do You Know The Signs and Causes of Mouth Breathing?

Pediatricians confirm that mouth breathing problems generally start in childhood, but can be well treated depending on the extent to which the child is already suffering from it. It is no less than a miracle that children with such breathing problems continue to live their lives till adulthood, though with other health issues as well. But this is not a valid reason for not getting proper treatment for mouth breathing. Do you want to know about it in details? Here are the causes and signs well discussed about mouth breathing:

In children, enlarged adenoids or even several diseases like asthma results in pathological mouth breathing. The proper passage of taking air into the body is obstructed and thus, the body looks for alternate ways to breathe in oxygen for life processes. This leads to breathing of air from the mouth passage rather than from the nose. It may also happen that a child had once been suffering from cold severely and made a habit of breathing through the mouth instead of the nose. Such habitual breathing will ultimately leads to the same critical results as of pathological mouth breathing.

For parents, it is possible to check if their children are suffering from mouth breathing by looking at the way they breathe from a distance. If they are breathing from their mouth, they are likely to open up their lips multiple times no matter what they are doing to take in air. Similarly, other symptoms include crooked teeth, dark eyes from the outside and habit of snoring. With these symptoms, it can be easily known if the child is a mouth breather.

Effect of Mouth Breathing on Face in Children

The unusual way of breathing which involve facial muscles as well do affect the growth of face as what orthodontists believe. The frequent opening and closing of mouth creates stress over the muscles in the face and also in the adjoining regions. This creates has its impact upon the growth of these muscles with time. In severe cases when mouth breathing is not properly treated by experts, the muscular growth becomes permanent and need a surgery to get the cure. If you see vertical lengthening of the lower end of the face in your child, this can be the symptom of mouth breathing as well. Untreated breathing problems can have a bigger impact on the overall health. Drying of mouth is a common effect of mouth breathing as the air out from the mouth dries up the oral cavity. With loss of saliva, it affects the teeth with risk of dental decay.

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