Regular exercises will ensure you healthy teeth along with physical fitness

It is well-known that physical exercises strengthen our muscles, bones, blood vessels along with keeping our body stay fit in shape. As regular workouts maintain the healthy functioning of our body, it tends to lower blood cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart diseases and much more.

The correlation between our mouth and body helps in procuring the benefits of regular exercises for our dental health. In simply, regular exercises boost dental health and keep our teeth, gums healthy.

In this post, our dentists described the impact of exercises on dental health whilst clearing some conflicting information on this.

1) Nourish the tissues in the mouth

Diet plays a vital role in every body-sculpting routine. You have to drink a lot of water, consume healthful foods like fiber-rich cuisines, antioxidant-rich fruits, and veggies, etc. They supply the essential minerals for the effective functioning of organs and tissues inside your body.  Meanwhile, exercises streamline your digestion process as well as building muscles, boosting blood flow and metabolism. This

Such enhanced performance of the digestive system ensures that each cell of our body receives the nutritional compounds that are essential to maintain the teeth and gums healthy.

2) Prevent gum diseases

Gum (or) Periodontal diseases begin with the aggregation of oral microbes over the teeth surfaces.

As the soft tissues in the oral cavity are nourished efficiently, this boosts a tooth’s natural activities like cleaning, enamel repair, and so on. Thus regular exercising helps in thrashing the accumulation of bacteria, followed by reducing the infection in gums.

Moreover, researchers have found that non-smokers who are doing regular workouts have 55% lower risk of developing periodontal diseases. Simultaneously, they observed that those who partially exercise have 33% less risk of gum infections.

3) Prevent obesity-related dental diseases

There are many obesity-related dental disorders like tooth decay, gum diseases, oral thrush, and much more. It happens because the excessive fat in the body is quite hard to burn and increases the chance of developing diabetes.

Remember that the saliva in diabetic people has sugar content and when the teeth are frequently exposed to sugar substances, it will lead to cavities.

On the other hand, exercises maintain a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) and keep the detrimental follow-ups of obesity like diabetes in control. Dentists reveal that people who maintain normal body weight with a high-quality diet and physical activities are 40% less likely to get dental irregularities.

To be precise, regular workouts keep the body fat percentage, BMI at healthy levels which strengthen your oral cavity.

4) Fewer chances of stress-related oral diseases

Depression and Stress stimulate the sufferers to grind, clench their teeth with no control. Constant teeth grinding will weaken your teeth enamel, devastate the tooth’s support with the jaw bone, and eventually lead to tooth loss. Besides this, depression affects your dental health indirectly in many ways.

Indulging in physical activities will give you peace of mind for some time. It helps in getting rid of such mental strain also.

Bottom line

Despite these benefits, regular physical exercises will have some negative impact on your mouth if you follow highly strenuous or vigorous workouts. Similarly, taking carbonated drinks like sparkling water, soda to hydrate yourself and taking low carb foods will intensify the dental damage.

So we recommend natural fluids like coconut water, sugarless fruit juices or fluids with natural sweeteners to replenish the electrolytes while exercising.