COVID Tongue – The new symptom of coronavirus infection

COVID Tongue - The new symptom of coronavirus infection

Since the Corona outbreak took place, the entire world has been witnessing a plethora of unpredictable changes in recent times. Moreover, the infectious disease shared mild bodily disorders like fever, headache, dry cough, any irregularities in our body scare us. Right?

In this post, we have unveiled one of the oral-related manifestations of COVID-19. If you notice coronavirus patients, they have atypical rashes on their skin, especially toes and tongue. Likewise, they feel hard to sense taste with the infection.

It happens with a problem called COVID tongue. Keep reading to know more.

What is COVID Tongue?

COVID Tongue – The oral symptom seen in coronavirus patients is identified as bumps over the tongue surface, along with swelling. In the meantime, some redness or dark patches that look like a geographic tongue.

Remember that the existence of such patchy, bumpy tongue and painful tongue rashes when you have headaches and fatigue might be a symptom of corona infection.

How does COVID Tongue happen?

Mucous membranes are highly susceptible to bacterial infection. The tongue is not an exception in this.

On the other hand, the cells in our body contain a protein enzyme called ACE (Angiotension-Converting Enzyme). Researchers found that this enzyme is the primary attachment site for the coronavirus. When the microbes latch upon the enzyme, it proliferates and spread over the body, and makes you sick.

As our tongue contains a lot of this surface protein, it makes a way for corona infection and eventually ends in COVID Tongue.

How can COVID Tongue be treated?

As stated above, the lesions developed look like a geographic tongue and its root cause is yet identified. Likewise, oral discomforts like inflammation, lesions, painful sores also happen due to various dental illnesses. So you don’t scare that you are suffering from the coronavirus after seeing bumpy or swollen tongue.

In contrast, if you notice tongue oddities and having discomforts like shortness of breath, cough, fatigue, it will be a symptom of mucocutaneous manifestations or corona infection.

Hence you should report it promptly to your doctor and check whether you have corona infection. If a person tests corona Positive, the prescribed medicines, customized treatments along with quarantine will aid in getting rid of the tongue oddity as well as the virus infection.

Bottom line

Dental doctors observed that people with gum diseases have high chances of infected with COVID 19. Similarly, coronavirus also has certain oral manifestations like lesions, sensitive gums along with tongue irregularity we have seen.

Even though the vaccines are available and the increased recovery rate, the aftereffects of this infectious condition are not known. Doctors also reveal that some corona survivors may have long-term effects on their organs.

So take care of yourselves with activities recommended include washing your hands frequently, use sanitizers, wear masks when going outside, cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze, maintain social distancing, and others. They will safeguard you from oddities like COVID tongue and other side effects like COVID toe, muscle ache, etc.

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