Starting from childhood, it is necessary to take care of the gums and teeth to avoid oral health problems at any point of time in life ahead. What we eat has a huge impact on our teeth. Most of the major dental problems arise because people do not maintain their diet and keeps and are unable to keep a check on what to eat. Tooth decay then occurs as a consequence of neglect. Certain kinds of foods and drinks have harsh impact on the teeth because of their nutritional content. Food rich in sugar if consumed in excess can lead to severe dental problems. Getting helped by dentists is the cure. But with preventive advices for dental health maintenance, it is possible to take care of the teeth the structure and condition of which should be well kept all the life.

What is Plaque and How It Can Be Reduced?

Whatever we eat goes into our bodies through the passage that starts with our mouth. The teeth inside start their work by grinding the food into smaller pieces our bodies can digest. But in doing so, food particles get stuck at or in between the teeth. These particles articles bacteria and germs to feed on them. The layer of germs over your teeth is called plaque. When the sugar content of the food consumed is used by the germs, they release acids which cause tooth decay. Food high in starch or sugar increases the rate of tooth decay. If necessary preventive steps are not taken, it will become more severe resulting in cavities. Maintaining balanced diet and consuming food that are rich in nutrients, but low in sugar will help in preventing the start of tooth decay, thus avoiding cavities in teeth.Regarding what should be eaten to maintain health of teeth, given below are a few recommendations from the expert dentists:

Milk, Fruits, Nuts and Water

When parents are usually seen making their children drink milk and eat milk products regularly, there is a significant reason behind it in terms of oral health maintenance. Milk and other dairy products are rich in calcium which is also a building block of teeth. Proper nutrient rich food which contain adequate amount of calcium helps in strengthening of teeth. It has also been found that such food products reduce the risk of bacterial attack on teeth which may cause cavities. People of all ages can get benefited by adding dairy products like milk, cheese and similar other things.

When it is about taking in fruits for better health, there is just no substitute possible. Apple, guava, banana,papaya and similar other fruits adds necessary nutrients into the body if consumed regularly. Plus, they clean and scrub up the teeth when eaten properly. This way, smaller stains over teeth can removed by itself.

Almonds, cashews, raisings and other dry fruits and nuts are also rich in minerals. Thus, consuming them daily in limited amounts will help in keeping the dental problems at bay. Also, it is suggested to avoid taking in sugar coated nuts and consume raw nuts instead.

Along with food, vegetable or nuts, water is one of the most important needs of the human body. Along with maintaining other physiological functions, water helps in maintaining oral health of mouth. Along with simple,plain water, there are benefits of taking in fluoridated water to protect the teeth from the attack of germs.

To have a healthier lifestyle, taking in strict steps to eat healthier stuff is very important. This is how dental problems can be prevented and a healthy smile can thus, be maintained forever.