Will detox drinks affect your dental health?

Will detox drinks affect your dental health?

Recently, Detox water has caught the attention of those who prefer natural ways to cleanse their bodies. Moreover, detox drinks are also helpful for shedding weight and boosting the immune system. The detox drinks are a combination of water with fruits and herbs that help the body better rid itself of impurities.

Due to its deliciousness, many people prefer skinny water (detox water) over other detox drinks like watermelon juice. Even though it is good for the body, the fluid is quite bad for your oral cavity. How?

Keep reading to know more.

How do detox drinks affect your dental health?

The citric acid content in detox drinks will ruin your teeth’ health.

If you look at the various detox drinks recipes, lemon is their main ingredient. Likely, citrus fruits like limes, grapefruits, mangoes, oranges, pineapples, and pomegranates are also added to the detox drinks. Needless to say, they have a high content of citric acid.

According to nutritionists, “Citrus fruits have a high content of vitamin C, which plays a crucial part in strengthening the immune system. They are tasty as well.” It implies that citrus fruits-infused detox beverages can instantly refresh our bodies whilst flushing out the toxins from our systems.

On the flip side, the acidic composition of these fruits hurts our teeth by wearing them down. Typically, teeth’ hard outer layer, known as enamel, will erode with repeated exposure to citric acids. In those circumstances, the affected teeth will become brittle.

Moreover, the sensitive layers of a tooth are revealed when the enamel breaks off. The cavity-causing bacteria take advantage of this and infect the teeth, causing cavities. Consequently, the infected teeth will become sensitive and provoke a sharp pain with temperature variations.

Simply put, the acidic components in detox water will wreak your teeth by weakening the enamel, causing cavities, and even making the teeth fragile.

Is it necessary to avoid detox drinks to protect your teeth?

No, but you should limit the exposure of teeth to the acidic contents in the detox water you consume.

For instance, using a straw is an efficient way to enjoy the detox beverage without hurting your teeth. Likely, you can safeguard your teeth in different ways while drinking detox water. Here are a few:

  • Drink a cup of plain water after finishing your detox drink. It helps neutralize the acidic environment inside the mouth.
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly after taking your detox drink.
  • Don’t brush your teeth after having a lemony beverage. Instead, do toothbrushing before consuming the drink.
  • Consult your nutrition and take detox drinks that are devoid of citrus fruits. ABC detox drink (The combination of Apple, Beetroot, and Carrot) is also a healthy choice.

Bottom line

Since detox beverages are abundant in acidic compounds, they are safe to consume in moderation. If you drink the fluid excessively, your teeth health will be compromised, followed by various dental dilemmas. Hence you should limit the consumption or indulge in the activities we discussed above.

Instead, switch to lemon-free detox drinks like coconut water, cucumber mint detox drinks, and others.

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