Oral Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice

When parents found their children drinking juices and sugary drinks all day long, a strict ‘no’ is preferred as a warning. They know that eating or drinking excessive sugary liquids will have impact over the teeth. Layers of sugars over teeth invites or attracts bacteria to feed over it and increases risk of dental cavities. Since the juices available in the market are mainly packed in containers and have sugar component in it other than the natural flavor, it is recommended by dentists to drink fresh juices during mealtimes. Other than oranges or limes which are highly used for juices, there are cranberries as a very popular fruit with which juice, jam and sauces are made. In its natural form, cranberries are very sour and are therefore sweetened when the juice is extracted. It is also liked by children as well as adults of all ages. Whether consuming cranberry juice is good for teeth is well understood when you get to know how it serves in maintaining oral health.

Cranberries to Fight against Cavities

When the dentists are heard advising the patients they serve to drink cranberry juice, there must be some good health facts and benefits in doing so. In actual sense, cranberries have the power to fight cavities in the mouth from a long past. The advanced dentistry and treatments are a part of modern world. But when there was nothing, there were cranberries. This fruit is tasty and does help in keeping the germs and bacteria away from the teeth. But the truth says that the benefits are associated with 100% cranberry juice and not the one available in the markets with excess of sugar in it. Pure form of cranberry juice has an enzyme in it that prevents the bacteria from sticking to the teeth to feed upon the food or sugar particles. To cause cavities within the teeth, the bacteria should be able to stick to the teeth, erode layers of teeth and ultimately reach to the nerves causing severe dental problems. Drinking pure form of cranberry juice can prevent the risk of cavities and thus, it is a safer way of maintain oral health.

Other Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice

Juices are considered very essential in keeping diseases away from the human body. And particularly Cranberry juice is highly regarded for the wide variety of benefits it serves to our bodies. From the eyes to the urinary bladder and much else, it serves in maintaining overall health. Since it is a sour juice in its purest form, it is a great source of Vitamin C the deficiency of which causes scurvy and anemia. Drinking cranberry juice in limited quantities, but regularly will help the body in fighting germs around and prevent diseases. Furthermore, its richness in Vitamin C also helps in lowering down the blood pressure. It also helps in maintaining cholesterol levels, thus reducing the risk of heart attacks. There are several ailments that gets attached to our bodies when the blood circulating inside is not pure. For detoxifying blood, cranberry juice is highly recommended by doctors and dentists. With researches, it has also been found out that this juice has the power to control or minimize urinary tract infections as well.

When You Should Drink Cranberries?

The soar flavor and taste of cranberry juice is because of the acidic nature of the juice. This juice in its natural form is highly acidic and that is the reason why sweeteners and sugars are added when they are packed in the form of juices. Since exposing teeth to such an acidic juice has risk of teeth enamel erosion, it is advised by the dentists to drink cranberry juice along with meals and not alone.

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