It happens a lot of time to people that they wake with severe headaches as well as pain in their jaw. While the common reason people believe there is behind such pains is of general life stress, there are other teeth related problems they may be suffering from. Clenching teeth while in sleep can be the cause which is not known to major populace. In dental medical terms, it is known as bruxism in which the patient gring their teeth and clench their jaws. When it is temporarily found that someone is grinding teeth like in case of children, it can be natural. But with long term teeth grinding symptoms, the natural aspect needs to be overruled. Regular gnashing of teeth cause pain in jaws and it also wear down the surface of the teeth due to excessive pressure caused to them. As a result, the individuals feel headache and sometimes, earache. Are you suffering from the same? You should consult an expert dentist to get the proper treatment.

How Stress Causes Teeth Grinding in Sleep

Modern lives have caused severe mental stress and tensions all across the world. And this is the reason why people suffer from sleep disorders as they cannot get proper sleep. One such similar problem is when they grind teeth while in sleep. They are not conscious in real world, but reacting as if dealing with something harsh in their dreams. Some of the most common contributing reasons for such problems is the stress in their lives. So when they wake up and find their jaw aching deeply, it becomes a cause of concern. Not just while in sleep, there are cases of bruxism where people grind their teeth even when they are awake. Most of the time, it happens when individuals are facing tough, stressful situations and are unable to deal with them.

In Which Age Do People Suffer From Bruxism?

There is no such well defined age when people grind teeth specifically. Children, adults as well as old age people suffer from such a condition, but very few realize it on time and get the required treatment by the experienced dentists. The extent to which an individual clench his teeth with jaws or grind teeth differs. Teeth grinding may be mild or aggressive. In severe bruxism condition, people may make sound with their teeth crushing over each other. It is very important to get the condition well treated on time.

How Can People Detect Bruxism?

Any disease in our body is detected with the help of possible symptoms we can see and feel. Similarly, there are common symptoms of bruxism which can help in examining the condition. Common symptoms include headache after waking up from sleep or even otherwise. This symptom also has stress and tension as a reason behind it. Similarly, the habit of grinding teeth causes soreness in jaws. Clenching teeth do loosen up the strength of teeth which are already weak and can fall off at any time. Since teeth are grinded over each other, the surfaces get chipped or broken with time.

Serving Bruxism and Preventing Possible Ailments

As said above, there is no specific age when bruxism occurs, nor does every individual suffer from this condition necessarily. It is advised to consult a dentist for proper examination of teeth. The expert will diagnose the condition and look for evidences which confirm bruxism. The underlying muscles will also be examined to recommend best treatment possible. If the cause of bruxism lies in misaligned teeth in the oral cavity, it can be cured with orthodontic correction procedures. Making changes to the lifestyle can also serve in this aspect.