Are you wondering how to clean your Invisalign retainers? Do you want your teeth to look bright? It is necessary to keep your Invisalign retainers clean with good oral hygiene and maintain a perfect smile. By adding oral hygiene to your lifestyle with the right upkeep you can restore an original look to Invisalign retainers. Though Invisalign allows for removal for drinking and eating purposes, it is important to clean them as discoloration and bacteria can set in.

Affordable and convenient, Invisalign retainers offer a clear and perfect set of teeth. It is best to care for your teeth and prevent expensive replacements. To get the best results which only take a short time, Invisalign retainers should be cleaned on a regular basis with a retainer brush or toothbrush, toothpaste and a denture cleaner. Your retainers will not only be invisible but odor free and clear with the proper care.

A List of Do’s and Don’ts 


As soon as you remove your aligners make sure that they are washed. Bad smelling bacteria will collect due to plaque and dry saliva. Your trays will be clean and sanitized when soaked in Retainer cleaners such as denture cleaners and prescribed Invisalign cleaning crystals. The teeth should be brushed and flossed before the aligners are reinserted. You can avoid decay and cavities with the correct oral hygiene and maintain a healthy set of teeth.

There is a risk of a buildup of particles including unhealthy and injurious bacteria between the teeth and the aligners if there is no proper oral hygiene. This would increase future dental problems. With the right cleaning with antibacterial soap which is soft will help aligners to be clear and fresh with freedom from bacteria. Aligners should be brushed in a gentle way as forceful brushing can leave marks on them.

Invisalign retainers must be washed or rinsed in lukewarm water. While brushing the retainer, gentle circular motions must be used. The retainer should be brushed both inside and out and then rinsed in lukewarm water. Check the aligners for any buildup of tartar or calcium which will be visible in a white film. If there is any buildup, the retainer must be soaked in a cleaning solution made especially for Invisalign retainers. As soon as the cleaning gets done, place the retainers back in the mouth or in a dry case.


would be abrasive and cause the aligners to look dull and in some cases traps are formed where bacterial can set in. Though anti Except for water, other foods or drinks which would stain the teeth should be avoided while wearing Invisalign retainers and cause them to emit an offensive smell. Toothpastes with whitening agents -bacterial soaps are best for cleaning, clear soaps can change the color of the aligners whereas colored soaps can retain the original shade.

Leave the aligners in a clean place without a cover while eating. Keep the retainers in a safe place and be careful not to misplace them while not in use. If the retainers are left for a long time in the open, they tend to collect bacteria and germs. Remember to wash, rinse and soak them before usage.

Invisalign retainers must not be soaked in mouthwash. This would precipitate a color which would tint the aligners. Do not wash in hot water as the retainers are made from resin (plastic) which would change the shape and fitting. In case you have used hot water, you should check the fitting with the orthodontist.

Alternatives while Traveling with Invisalign Retainers

If you are traveling while wearing Invisalign retainers and there is a problem of misplacing, breaking or losing your luggage with the aligners, there are some options of dealing with accidents. Make sure that you have an alternative set of Invisalign retainers during your stay out of town. Try out your retainers and check to see which one fits best. Call and visit your orthodontist in case the aligners are too tight or loose.

Invisalign retainers are normally comfortable to wear, but if you do experience any pain, then the orthodontist must be consulted. Any hot liquids or foods can distort the shape of the aligners and cause discomfort. Remember to place the retainers back in the mouth after eating or brushing and avoid any expensive mistake of misplacing your Invisalign retainers.