Have you ever felt that your tongue, lips or mouth is going through a burning pain all of a sudden? You may be suffering from BMS or Burning Mouth Syndrome. Do you feel that you cannot just count for a single reason of dental disorder why it is happening to you? As a matter of fact, this problem occurs because of a variety of reasons which is not directly related to oral health.

A woman going through the menopause state in her life may be feeling the similar burning sensation. A man with high level of stress and anxiety may go through the same pain as well. Similarly, there are other causes as well. It has also been found that nerve damage can also be the possible burning mouth. But there is no exact reason that can be pointed out to be responsible for it. When such cases are diagnosed by expert dentists, the treatment and cure is prescribed based on the specific symptoms seen in a patient. Irrespective of the fact that the exact origin is not known, experts can offer required treatments to such dental patients. According to their expertise, they detail out following common causes and symptoms as seen in the patients they have served:

Common Symptoms of Burning Mouth Syndrome

Gums, tongue, lips, throat and the widespread area of the mouth are affected with burning pain in this condition. Patients suffering with BMS also describe it as if something very hot has been poured into their mouth. Alongside, they feel their mouth getting drier along with the burning pain they are suffering from. Such patients are also found to have a bad taste and feel everything they eat to be bitter or sore. Other symptoms include soreness in the mouth, numb sensation on the tongue, excessive burning pain in the daytime or periodically etc.

Primary Causes Behind Burning Pain in Mouth

There are not one, but many complex causes that contribute to burning mouth syndrome. These causes may vary from person to person who is found to suffer from burning pain in the mouth and around. Also, it can be possible that more than one of the following causes is leading to such problems in a specific case. The expert dentists analyze these causes so as to provide treatment for relief.

1. Oral Thrush
Oral yeast infection or oral thrush is one of the most common causes that results in burning pain in lips, tongue and mouth. Along with this, other bodily diseases such as diabetes or use of permanent dentures for a long period of time in life may also lead to such pain.

2. Stress and Anxiety
Depression of mind and high level of life related stress may also cause burning mouth syndrome. While these psychological factors results in BMS, the opposite is also true i.e. burning pain in lips or tongue may also cause stress.

3. Lack of Proper Nutrition
Affected diet that is common in the modern lifestyle is also a cause behind the burning mouth. Lack of main nutrients, mainly vitamins of several different kinds causes oral health problems. These vitamins are essentials for maintaining oral tissue health. Diet lacking in vitamin deficiency also causes anemia.

4. Use of Dentures
When the complete set of artificial teeth is placed in place of the natural teeth, it also increases the pressure over the muscles of the mouth. The quality of dentures and the material they are made with also cause irritation in the oral cavity such as in lips or tongue.

If you want to know what is causing burning mouth in your case, book an appointment with an expert dentist!