What is meant by Tooth Mousse?

Tooth Mousse is a topical cream, containing important mineral compounds to strengthen & protect your teeth. This oral hygiene product is recommended for kids who are in the initial stage of adult teeth eruption, and orthodontic patients.

This foamy cream will be the right choice for your children if they find it difficult to adopt healthy habits into their dental hygiene routine.

Regular use of this product makes your little champ’s teeth resistant to cavities. Meanwhile, it is available in a variety of flavors like melons, vanilla, strawberry, etc which kids like.

How does the tooth mousse protect your teeth?

Tooth mouse is made up of casein which is an essential milk protein. Plus, it includes teeth-strengthening minerals like calcium and phosphate. In general, the tooth mousses available on market are non-fluoridated. If you want to make the topical cream more effective, you can infuse fluoride compounds into it.

The combination of protective minerals and special peptides replenishes the lost nutritional compounds in teeth. It means the tooth mousse helps in the remineralization process to rebuild and strengthen the enamel. Researches show that it is powerful to reverse the initial stage of cavities.

What are the benefits of using tooth mousse?

Aside from providing enamel-strengthening minerals to your teeth, the tooth mousse helps in neutralizing the acidic environment in your mouth. As a consequence, you can enjoy the following benefits with regular use of this foamy cream:

  • It can reverse the initial stage of cavities
  • It prevents enamel erosion
  • It can relieve tooth sensitivity by blocking the exposed dentinal tubules
  • It reduces the chances of decay around brackets (of metal braces) glued over the teeth surfaces.
  • It restores the mineral balance in your mouth.
  • You can use it as a remedy to get rid of dryness in your mouth.

What is the difference between tooth mousse and toothpaste?

Similar to toothpaste, the tooth mousse also comes in the form of a foamy cream. Due to this, many people often confuse these dental hygiene products. Remember that they have different purposes.

Toothpaste aims at eliminating microbes to keep your mouth clean. They contain mild abrasive ingredients to remove stains on teeth surfaces as well. When the cleaning agent is moistened, it produces foam that helps in removing the particles stuck between the teeth.

On the other hand, tooth mousse does not contain any abrasive agents. It helps in refreshing the enamel’s mineral contents until the cream is left on the teeth surfaces. So you don’t have to wash or rinse your mouth after using this topical cream. As it is prepared with milk protein and holds the major constituents that form our teeth, it does not cause any allergic responses. It implies that you don’t have to scare if your kid swallows tooth mousse.

How should you use tooth mousse?

Unlike toothpaste, the tooth mousse does not require a toothbrush. You can apply it using a cotton swab or your fingers. Remember that it is enough to use a pea-sized cream on your teeth surfaces. You can apply the cream on your teeth and leave it for around 30 minutes. Rinse your mouth with a cup of water if there is excess cream on your teeth.

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