Tips to keep good dental care while travelling

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Are you off to discover the exotica and indulge in a wanderlust expedition? Are you conscious about oral hygiene while traveling? If you are piling on the baggage remember to travel light by keeping your health and your mind on a peaceful journey. With so many things to see to and with non-stop checklists to drive even the calmest person berserk, it is very important to see that one of the most important aspects of daily life is not neglected. Yes, taking care of oral hygiene is absolutely imperative especially while traveling.

There is more to packing your tooth brush, toothpaste and floss while getting ready to travel. There are great tips for the adventurous traveler which should be followed religiously. While on a holiday or on a business trip, it is difficult to keep to your daily routine and manage oral care. But you cannot compromise on the health of your mouth and there is no way that one can take a vacation from oral hygiene.

An Oral Care Guide for the Frequent Traveler

Here is a must-follow checklist that you can adhere to while on a trip:

  • Make sure to disinfect your toiletries bag before packing in the necessities. Clean and dry your toothbrush before packing it as bacteria will tend to collect if there are wet articles in the bag. Pack in disposable toothbrushes for convenience.
  • Buy extra oral supplies and keep it handy while traveling.
  • Call your dentist and fix an appointment before leaving and make time for a follow up visit if you have dental problems.
  • If you have forgotten to pack toothpaste, brush your teeth with water which is better than not brushing at all.
  • If you are apprehensive about the water at a new destination, then keep bottled/mineral water with you at all times which is good to rinse your mouth with after brushing.
  • In case you are a foodie and delight in desserts, stick to just one or two sugary treats and remember to use sugar-free gum to discourage bacteria.
  • Eat healthy snacks which is good for your general health and remember to brush your teeth regularly after before you sleep.
  • If there is a dental problem while traveling, make sure that you store your dentist’s contact number/s in case of dental emergencies.
  • If you are on an overseas vacation or business trip and if there is a dental emergency, get in touch with the embassy or the local consulate. Make enquiries at the hotel which you are staying in and ask the concierge or the hotel employees for recommendations.
  • Get back on track after your holiday or business trip and even if you have indulged too much in culinary delights make sure that you brush and floss your teeth twice for two minutes every day.

Though it’s a task to maintain oral care on a family trip, a solo vacation or a business trip, it is important to brush your teeth and watch the sugary treats. You can safeguard your teeth and avoid complications if you take care of your oral hygiene.

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