Covering Up Flaws in Smile with Dental Bonding

Covering Up Flaws in Smile with Dental BondingA healthier, attractive smile signifies a well maintained oral health. But when there are flaws in the teeth structure, people are found hiding their smiles from others. Structural imperfections in teeth are often the result of injuries or accidents faced in life. But there is just no need to hide your smile when there are solutions available in the form of dental bonding. Expert dentists specializing in cosmetic dentistry serve patients with chipped or cracked teeth, worn teeth or for teeth with gaps. Tooth bonding is also considered one of the quick and easy solutions to restore your smile by covering up imperfections.

Budget Friendly Alternative for Smile Restoration

While there are several other dental procedures which cost a lot of money to restore smile, bonding is an affordable solution. It neither requires a lot of money nor time to recharge your smile back in its natural, attractive form with bonding. Unlike veneers and crowns in which the tooth or tooth site has to be prepared first, dental bonding just requires quick and easy solution. It involves a procedure to get a layer of composite added on the tooth. Next to it, expert cosmetic dentist moulds the layer to form natural appearance which is then restored using light. Seamless blending of the new layer with the natural tooth structure helps in smile improvement. But it is suggested to get the teeth structure examined first to know if dental bonding will be the best, long term solution for your specific needs.

Benefits of Dental Bonding for an Improved, Corrected Smile

If considered as a part of cosmetic dentistry, tooth bonding offers a number of advantages to the patients looking for smile correction procedures. It is a low cost dental procedure which leads to impressive results in just one or two visits. To save time as well as money, this is one of the highly preferred smile restoration procedure served by expert dentists. Given below are some of the prime benefits of getting served with bonding:

1. Hiding Chips, Cracks in Teeth

Dental flaws like chips and cracks over teeth either exists naturally or because of meeting with an accident or injury. Having front teeth chipped is actually unbearable and people with such imperfections are often found to have low confidence level. With dental bonding, it is possible to cover up such flaws in teeth and get the smile restored to a better form.

2. Whitening Stains Over Teeth

Yellowish stains over teeth as a result of excessive smoking habit or unhealthy eating habits can also be served with bonding. It is even served for replacing the decayed, infected segments of teeth.

3. Reshaping Worn Tooth Structures

Dental patients having ill structured teeth by birth get the shapes of their teeth restructured with dental bonding. This is done to maintain natural, angular teeth structure.

4. As Fillings for Dental Cavities

As compared to other expensive cosmetic surgeries, dental bonding is an affordable solution to improve your smile. You will only need to pay as per the number of teeth which needs to be served through the procedure. Also, it does not need too many appointments to be taken for the procedure.

If you are looking for teeth restructuring solutions for your specific needs, it is best to book an appointment with an experienced cosmetic dentist.

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