To maintain a healthy smile, you need to maintain oral health with all the necessary preventive steps. A common toothache or gum bleeding is not something that will be recovered without taking the required treatments. They may be symptoms of a severe dental disease you do not know about. Oral cancer occurs most of the time because of the neglect. Although people do not like to hear from the dentists they visit that they are suffering from cancer, they generally do not follow a lifestyle which prevents such a disease. You must have heard that there are several different kinds of critical dental diseases people are suffering with. But do you know what oral cancer is all about and how you can take the necessary preventive measures to avoid suffering from it? Given below is all you need to know about this disease:

What Causes Oral Cancer?

When the body is not fit to avoid getting attacked by the germs and pathogens, people suffer from diseases. The same is true in case of oral health which bears diseases when not cared properly. There are certain common causes most of the oral cancer patients can relate to. Plus, it is possible to make up the preventive steps with which risk of oral cancer can be minimized. A healthy lifestyle can help you prevent the occurrence of dental problems of all kinds, be it oral cancer. Here is what you should know about the main causes of oral cancer:

Unhealthy Diet

There was once a time when the number of available food products is limited and they are healthier in terms of nutrition. But there is apparently no end to food products people can consume. It is believed that the less useful things are always attractive. This is the reason why regular diet of this modern society has more pizzas and burgers than milk and juices. Lack of nutritional intake makes the oral health vulnerable to disease causing germs. So, maintaining a healthy diet by adding sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet can help you maintain a healthy smile.

Addiction to Tobacco

This is one of the main causes of cancer and is an obvious reason as well. There is just no benefit of chewing tobacco excessively except serving your habit of addiction. Even the suppliers of such products make it clear that the consumer is taking the products at their own risk. More than seventy percent cases of oral cancer have the use of tobacco connected with the patients. Similarly, smoking is also an addiction that poses risk to oral cancer. Direct consumption of tobacco gives it an easier route to destroy your oral cavity, thus causing oral cancer.

Alcohol Consumption

Habit of drinking alcohol as a way to enjoy is something that has its own role in causing oral cancer. The idea that being unconscious will keep the worldly worries away has been causing such a habit to develop in people of all ages these days. If complemented with smoking, alcohol addiction amplifies the risk of this critical oral disease even more. This is the reason why dentists recommend getting rid of habits of smoking and alcohol addiction with possible alternatives.


Since ageing is not in human’s hands, it is not possible to prevent the related effects over overall health from occurring. Neglect of nutrition over the whole long life from childhood and adulthood will eventually increases the chances that the person will suffer from oral cancer in the old age. Similarly, continued addiction may cause oral health diseases in the old age when the body responds less actively to prevent the occurrence of diseases.