Tooth Bridges

Do you know which is the hardest part of our body?

If you say bone, it is not correct. Your tooth enamel is much stronger than your bone. Enamel is the outer cover of a tooth and is responsible for protecting the inner layers of a tooth. As it is made up of dense material, the enamel is very sturdy.

You may ask, “Even though my tooth has such a rigid covering, then why does my tooth get infected by cavities?”

Such tooth decay and cavities are due to factors which weaken the enamel. Once your tooth enamel wears down or eroded, the soft tissues and inner layers are exposed to certain foreign objects. It results in cavities which in turn leads to tooth decay.

In this post, we have listed various factors which make your teeth prone to enamel erosion. (or) dental erosion.

1. Consuming soft drinks excessively

Soft drinks contain a high amount of acidic substances. Similarly, fruit drinks and carbonated drinks have acidic substances. Along with acids, sweetening agents and chemical compounds present in such soft drinks deposit on the enamel when you drink them. Oral bacteria take advantage of that depositions and begin to soften your enamel that results in enamel loss.

2. Acid Reflux Disease

It is a digestive disorder. It brings backward the food in our stomach to the esophagus and to the throat. In such cases, the acid present in our stomach also travel back to the mouth and accumulates in our teeth.

Similar to the acids in soft drinks, it is also effective to demineralize and break down our enamel.

3. Dry mouth

Dental health Professionals term it as “Xerostomia”. It is a dental issue which lessens the flow of saliva and salivary production in your mouth.

Saliva plays an important role in expelling the bacteria, acidic and other substances deposited on our teeth. Such lack in salivary flow provides a way for the harmful depositions on the teeth to wear down the enamel.

4. Tooth Grinding

You may aware of it. Few people have the habit of clenching their teeth when they get angry. Similarly, some people grind their teeth without their knowledge during their sleep.

If you grind or clench your teeth frequently, your enamel will become weak and slowly gets eroded.

5. Poor Oral Hygiene

Food debris, sugary particles, acidic substances and other depositions on our teeth are common as the teeth are exposed to food and drinks frequently. You should healthy oral habits
like brushing and flossing to evacuate such particles settled on your teeth.

Otherwise, your teeth will become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs in your mouth and cause enamel erosion prior to teeth loss.

6. Genetics

Similar to certain hereditary diseases, dental erosion also has chances of being transferred from one’s parents and ancestors through his/her genes.

7. Medications

Few drugs and medications we intake for diseases are rich in acidic compounds. They also play a part in exposing your teeth to acids. It is better to consult your Doctor to get a replacement for such highly acidic medications.

Besides these, certain environmental factors, biting hard objects with teeth, chlorinated water are also responsible for dental erosion.


As mentioned at the beginning of the post, tooth enamel is stronger than our bones. Unlike bones, teeth enamel cannot be restored or repaired because enamel does not have living cells. Hence we should take care of our teeth to protect them from infections in order to prevent dental erosion.