Dental disorders associated with genes


You may think, only your blood, face, and sense of humor are the only thing related to genetics. Do you know dental disorders are also related to it? Yes, dental disorders run in families too. These disorders do not just occur because of your poor oral habits, apart from that; it is based on hereditary too. You have a higher risk of getting those disorders apart from your habits.

1) Misaligned teeth

If you have misaligned teeth, you are not the only person in your family to have this problem. Your size of the jaw is based on genetics. This leads to problems such as gaps, overbite, underbite, and crowding in teeth.

If any of these problems are identified earlier, you should consult an orthodontist and get the treatment to prevent the problems that arise in the future.

2) Yellow teeth

This problem occurs not only due to poor oral hygiene but also due to the genes. During growth, the way the white enamel forms is primarily due to our genes.

Those whose teeth grow normally with thinner enamel usually have yellow-looking teeth, although this may also result from a loss of enamel as you age.

3) Gum disease

Gum disease is a major problem that occurs due to genes. In a total of the world’s population, thirty percent of people get affected by gum diseases due to hereditary reasons. The reason for the inflammation of the gums is linked to tooth decay.

When these problems are left untreated, they result in tooth loss or bone loss. This problem should be diagnosed early to protect the gums and teeth. If you already know your gum problem is running with family, you should inform this first to your dentist.

4) Oral cancer

This is one of the deadliest diseases that affect a large number of peoples who smokes and drinks regularly. But genetics are also a factor for oral cancer.

This is one of the deadliest diseases that affect a large number of peoples who smokes and drinks regularly. But genetics are also a factor for oral cancer.

These people should stop smoking and drinking alcohol in order to prevent this disease.

5) Tooth decay

Tooth decay is also a problem that you may blame your parents. Some fluctuations of the beta-defensin 1 gene (DEFB1) are associated with a higher risk of permanent teeth cavities.

If you know your parents have tooth decay, you should visit a dentist and get proper advice about your oral care maintenance. Proper prescribed toothpaste and mouthwash helps to prevent cavities in the future.

These problems should be corrected earlier, if left untreated, they will result in various periodontal issues (Gum problems) that lead to tooth loss and bone loss.

6) Cleft palate or cleft lip

When unborn babies’ facial structure doesn’t close completely, results in cleft palate and cleft lip. They are one of the common problems that occur due to hereditary reasons.

Asian, Native American descent, and Latin babies are the affected ones when their parents have this problem.

However, proper oral habits and visiting the dentist twice a year help you to prevent various mouth disorders that occur due to genetics.

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