Is Choosing The Right Toothbrush Necessary?

Brushing regularly is a healthy habit to maintain the oral health. But do you know if the toothbrush you are using is suitable for you? It happens that people buy toothbrushes after getting attracted from the advertisements they see on different mediums. Different shapes and sizes, quality of bristles and attractive designs, these are all ways of increasing the sale of the toothbrushes. But for you, the rightmost toothbrush is the one which does not add extra pressure on your teeth or gums. If you have seen your friends or family members complaining that their gums bleed each time they brush their tooth, unsuitable toothbrush can be the reason. Another myth in the toothbrush shopping aspect is that hard bristles of these brushes are meant to hit the stains hard and clean the teeth properly. It can also lead to gum recession for which you need to make the right choice of the toothbrush. Visiting a dentist for making a choice and for getting the oral health diagnosed can serve the purpose well.

Gum Recession with Inappropriate Brushing

Can you see the roots of your teeth as the gum tissue is lost? The way you have been brushing and the toothbrush you are using for that may be the cause of such dental problems. It happens that when the young children starts brushing their teeth on their own, parents fail to look if the children are brushing properly. It is also believed that receding gums occurs after the age of thirty five or more. But it can happen even in earlier age if the teeth and gums are highly affected with dental problems. If you are suffering from such oral health issues and are doubtful if your way of brushing is correct, you can easily get to know about it from an expert dentist.

Choice of Toothbrush for Children

Children have small baby teeth in their mouth and softer gums which are not as strong as that of adults. You can well understand the need of a well designed toothbrush by the fact that you cannot give the same size of toothbrush you use to your child. Smaller teeth structure if cleaned with a bigger toothbrush can harm the baby tooth in several different ways. Dentists recommend the choice of a soft toothbrush for children and only a pea sized amount of toothpaste for brushing. Slow movement of toothbrush over teeth will prevent the excessive force from eroding tooth enamel. Have you seen how your child is brushing his teeth after you bought a small toothbrush for him? Letting him learn the correct technique to brush teeth is also the responsibility of parents. You should also know that cleaning teeth for longer time is not wrong unless you are cleaning them harder.

Electric Toothbrush for Easy Teeth Cleaning

For technology lovers, the world is no short of amenities to serve their desires. Even there are electric toothbrushes now available in the market to brush the teeth. Such advanced toothbrushes have been designed so as to overcome the possibilities of imperfect teeth cleaning. People clean their teeth improperly as they do not know the right technique. The movement of bristles of electric toothbrushes in mouth will ensure that the correct technique of brushing is taken in use. There are also in-built timers which tell the users for how long they should brush their teeth. Other than the use of advance toothbrushes, you should also keep in mind when you should change your toothbrush. The bristles start to fray with regular use after which proper teeth cleaning is not possible with them. As recommended by dental experts, toothbrushes should be changed after every three – four months.

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