4 Prime Reasons Why You are Not Happy With Your SmileA lot of people across the world are not happy about their smiles and thus, lack confidence in opening up to others. They are also found to hesitate talking about or discussing their oral health status. In most of such cases, the resulting hesitation and lack of confidence is because of the underlying dental problems that have been neglected for a long time. People feel that since they have been neglecting their oral health all their lives, they cannot make it better at all, which is wrong. It is possible to work upon your oral health and maintain your oral health right from the very moment you realize your faults and mistakes. To stay happy with your smile also means that you are doing all that are needed to keep your teeth and gums healthy. If you are one of those individuals who avoid smiling amongst friends and families because of your ugly smile, you can change your life with the help of an expert dentist. You can get your complete oral health examined for the existing dental problems and get the required treatments as well as expert consultation. As a whole, you can improve your smile as well as boost the level of confidence with smile restoration procedures served by expert dentists.

Given below are four prime reasons why people do not feel good about their smiles and the possible solutions:

1. Missing or Lost Teeth Visible in Smiles

One of the common reasons of unhappiness in terms of smiles is when people have teeth lost or missing in their teeth structure. The worst cases are those in which the front, visible teeth are missing. With missing teeth visible in smiles, it becomes hard for people to get along well with people. Because of their unattractive smiles, they hesitate smiling even when they want to. But it is possible to get their smiles restored with the help of teeth restoration procedures. Dental implants, bridges, dentures and similar other procedures can serve such needs well.

2. Stained, Yellowish Teeth

Another reason why people do not like to smile in public is their stained, yellowish teeth. They may have been smoking for a long time in their lives and have never felt the possible damages to oral health. Stained health is also a sign of unhealthy mouth and is likely to attract other dental problems too. With the help of teeth whitening procedures served by experienced cosmetic dentists, yellowish appearance of teeth can be replaced with natural white teeth structure. Plus, it should also be noted that such dental patients should continue following the advices given by the dentists and get rid of their bad habits.

3. Decaying Tooth

When a tooth starts to decay with consistent attacks of germs, the surface enamel gets eroded first and then the rest of its structure gets infected. In critical situations, even the dentists recommend getting such a tooth or teeth extracted. Unhealthy eating habits, excess consumption of sugar and lack of oral hygiene results in tooth decay. But it is possible to get required dental treatments by visiting dental experts.

4. Gingivitis and Gum Diseases

It often happens that the food we eat get trapped near the gums and may not get easily cleaned. If continued to exist over time, it leads to initial gum disease known as gingivitis which can worsen with time to cause severe periodontal diseases. Taking care of gums along with teeth is extremely important for complete oral health maintenance. With the help of regular visits to an expert dentist, you can get your smile restores to its natural form.