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How do dental illnesses affect your brain health

How do dental illnesses affect your brain health?

by suryadental

Your oral cavity has many fascinating interconnections with your total body wellness. Poor oral care will make you vulnerable to a multitude of systemic diseases like respiratory diseases, diabetes, heart diseases, and much more. Do you know that bacteria proliferated with untreated dental illnesses can affect your brain health?


Natural Sweeteners for your dental health

by suryadental

It can be difficult to leave refined sugar. Fortunately, there are natural substitutes for sugar, which offers a healthy amount of sweetness without any of the bad side effects. They’re low in fructose, low in calories, and very sweet in taste.

Bad Breath

Different Kinds of Bad Breath

by suryadental

Chronic emission of a nasty, foul smell from mouth is quite embarrassing. The primary cause of such an unpleasant smell is the breakdown of proteins by bacteria in the oral cavity. Although bad breath is associated with various dental diseases, certain health problems also cause Halitosis (Bad Breath). To put it simply, the bad breath … Continue reading Different Kinds of Bad Breath

A girl suffering from Bad Breath

What causes bad breath and how can we cure this?

by suryadental

Are you suffering from bad breath? Do you know that health problems can be caused by bad breath? The medical term for bad breath is halitosis which is a result of poor dental habits. Bad breath can cause innumerable health problems which are made worse by leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Another cause for bad breath … Continue reading What causes bad breath and how can we cure this?


Benefits of flossing

by suryadental

Brushing and flossing have always been propagated by doctors as a very effective way to avoid bacteria in your mouth and prevent gum ailments. Whilst, we all are quite familiar with the mechanics and benefits of brushing, most of us don’t have any clue about the immense benefits of flossing and why it is essential … Continue reading Benefits of flossing

Tooth Enamel Erosion

7 factors of tooth enamel erosion

by suryadental

Do you know which is the hardest part of our body? If you say bone, it is not correct. Your tooth enamel is much stronger than your bone. Enamel is the outer cover of a tooth and is responsible for protecting the inner layers of a tooth. As it is made up of dense material, … Continue reading 7 factors of tooth enamel erosion

Hazards Of Earphones

Hazards Of Earphones

by suryadental

Earphones, ear buds, head phones, Blue tooth devices- they are everywhere today- plugged into mobile phones, iPods, MP3 players, computers, tablets and more. These are used by kids, teens and adults across all ages and provide private listening in schools, gyms, at home or the workplace- just about everywhere people spend time.

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