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Brushing and flossing have always been propagated by doctors as a very effective way to avoid bacteria in your mouth and prevent gum ailments. Whilst, we all are quite familiar with the mechanics and benefits of brushing, most of us don’t have any clue about the immense benefits of flossing and why it is essential to include it in your daily routine. In this article, let us start with discussing the process of flossing and why it is essential you do it –

  • The first step to an effective way to floss is to take a thin piece of string(floss) and wrapping it in your hands tightly. A string made of nylon or Teflon is very effective for this process. The next step would be to guide the floss in between your teeth and gently rub it. Repeat the process and make sure that the space between the gum and the teeth is rid of small food particles. This process of flossing should happen in an up-down fashion ideally. After the process of flossing is finished, throw the floss away. Don’t reuse the floss again as there might be bacteria present in it and it won’t be effective the next time you perform flossing.

The most important benefits of flossing are that it –

  • Prevents Tartar Buildup – Flossing regularly ensures that the food particles and other stuff get removed from between your teeth. This, in turn, prevents the formation of plaque and tartar buildup. The prevention of tooth decay reduces the chance of a gum disease rapidly and avoids a dental visit in the first place.
  • Prevents Infection In Your Mouth And Elsewhere – It is a well-known fact that your smile is the way to your heart. What is not well known is that infection and the presence of bacteria in your mouth could slip into your respiratory pathway and cause other issues. Studies have also shown the link between periodontal disease and pulmonary disease. There are also studies that prove that bacteria in your mouth could lead to issues in your heart and diabetes.
  • Protects Your Gums And Strengthens Them- Protecting your gums is something that flossing specializes in. By helping prevent several ailments like gingivitis from emerging, flossing helps you eliminate gum diseases at its root before they grow into a serious threat.In the long run, this also saves you a ton of money in medical costs and paves the way for shiny teeth and healthy gums. Removing plaque also reduces the segregation of acids in your teeth which in turn strengthens the tooth enamel and reduces cavities.
  • Prevents Bad Breath – The absence of food particles in your mouth will increase saliva production which in turn plays a huge role in affecting the aroma of your dental area. Bad breath/halitosis is a serious issue that many don’t notice. Bad breath could be caused by a multitude of factors like alcohol consumption, being hungry, dieting, not brushing for a while and consuming soft drinks. This is why people who include flossing in their oral hygiene routine would fare strongly against the menace of bad breath.
  • Aids Greatly In Your Brushing And Keeps Your Smile Clean! – Flossing also has the benefit of making your brushing process easier and together with brushing, this routine of flossing and brushing will help your toothpaste reach to different parts of your enamel and strengthen them via fluoride. Also, having your mouthwash after flossing helps make the whole cleaning process more efficient.

It is never too late to start flossing. Flossing does a major part of the work in cleaning your teeth. All these reasons make flossing a very necessary part of your dental routine. If you haven’t flossed till now, it might bleed when you start, but the alternative is the formation of plaque that will end up causing great damage to your health and looks of your teeth. If your teeth continue to bleed after the starting period of flossing, you should consult a dentist!

And it is the time people realize the immense benefits that a floss could cause to your daily life. As the old saying goes, your smile is the first thing people look at. So make sure that it is nice and shiny to make a good impression.

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