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Black Colored Gums

What is Black gum Disease?

by suryadental

Healthy gum tissue isn’t always pink. Just like skin colour, gum colour varies between different people. Dark patches on gums may also be the result of a variety of factors like medication side effects or tobacco use. Black gums aren’t necessarily a sign of an oral health issue, but seek your dentist if you’re interested … Continue reading What is Black gum Disease?

Heal Dental Caries

How to heal cavities naturally without going to the dentist?

by suryadental

Cavities are the most common dental problems among people. What actually these cavities are? How are they formed? How to heal cavities without a dentist? Let’s discuss it deep in this.

Wisdom Teeth

Tips to get relief from pain caused by Wisdom Teeth

by suryadental

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that appears on people usually between 17 and 22. They are usually molars that cause more issues than any other teeth present in your mouth. Each year, millions of people take their wisdom teeth away because of a number of concerns like increase in the presence of … Continue reading Tips to get relief from pain caused by Wisdom Teeth

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding Gums Treatment

by suryadental

Bleeding gums are caused by a number of factors, mostly due to the accumulation of plaque. The presence of plaque leads to gums getting inflamed which in turn causes bleeding.  This is why it is so vital that you adopt good dental habits that removes plaque. Be it brushing or flossing, never skip a day … Continue reading Bleeding Gums Treatment

Ceramic Teeth

Ceramic Teeth – All you need to know

by suryadental

Made of ceramic/porcelain, ceramic crowns have been a popular option for patients for years. A ceramic crown could either be a pure ceramic crown or a porcelain-fused metal crown. The main advantage that differentiates ceramic crowns from others is that it is aesthetically not differentiable from your original tooth. Porcelain crown looks natural with no … Continue reading Ceramic Teeth – All you need to know

9 oral-signs

9 Oral Health Signs you should not ignore

by suryadental

Taking regular care of your oral health not only prevents gum disease, but it also enhances your overall smile. As the saying goes, your smile is indeed the way to your heart. The good thing about the human body is that it always gives abundant warning signs before something goes wrong and the same goes … Continue reading 9 Oral Health Signs you should not ignore


Benefits of flossing

by suryadental

Brushing and flossing have always been propagated by doctors as a very effective way to avoid bacteria in your mouth and prevent gum ailments. Whilst, we all are quite familiar with the mechanics and benefits of brushing, most of us don’t have any clue about the immense benefits of flossing and why it is essential … Continue reading Benefits of flossing

receding gums

Receding Gums – Causes, Treatment and Prevention Tips

by suryadental

Gum Recession is a progressive condition which makes the gum margins that surround the teeth wear down. It exposes the tooth’s underlying portions like root. It is quite abnormal and requires immediate dental treatment. Our Teeth gums are made up of gum tissues which are extremely dense and contain the blood vessels beneath them. The … Continue reading Receding Gums – Causes, Treatment and Prevention Tips

dark gums

8 factors behind dark gums

by suryadental

Gum color varies for each person. In general, our gums appear pink in color. Few people have gums with tiny reddish dots or dark pink. In contrast, purple, black colored gums also appear for some people. You may also notice such persons. Right? If you have such black gums, don’t neglect it because it may … Continue reading 8 factors behind dark gums

Gum Diseases

9 Powerful remedies to treat gum diseases at home

by suryadental

Inflammation, soreness and redness in gums are the signs that indicate the gum tissues are infected. The infection begins from the sticky biofilm called plaque deposited on the teeth. Such plaque and tartar build up feed the oral bacteria and empower it to penetrate the surrounding gum tissues. It ends in gum diseases like Gingivitis … Continue reading 9 Powerful remedies to treat gum diseases at home

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