Benefits of a deep cleaning treatment

Deep Dental Cleaning

Known as periodontal cleaning or dental scaling and root planing, a deep cleaning treatment is different from the regular cleanings done on routine follow-ups to the dentist.  This special cleaning is reserved for people who have not seen a dentist in a long time and have significant plaque build-up or those with moderate gum disease.

Tartar, bacteria, and debris can naturally collect on your teeth and under your gum line. If they aren’t removed, they can eventually cause gingivitis, tooth and bone decay, or tooth loss. To make matters worse, simple brushing and flossing at home aren’t enough to combat this buildup. A professional periodontal deep cleaning is needed to remove deposits and keep teeth and gums healthy.

For patients with deep periodontal pockets and those with chronic gum disease, the dentist may recommend deep cleaning which involves scaling and root planing.

Scaling – During the procedure, a dental professional will remove plaque and tartar, a buildup of a yellowish-brown mineral, along and under the gums. These areas are not easily reached with regular tooth brushing, flossing or regular dental cleanings.

Root planing – This procedure involves cleaning the tooth roots using dental instruments or a laser to remove rough spots where bacteria can collect. This helps clean out bacteria that can lead to more serious gum problems.

  • This deep cleaning (the scaling and root planing) is necessary when:
  • Your gums are starting to pull away from your teeth
  • The tartar (mineralized plaque) has spread to the roots of your teeth
  • Your gums are showing signs of persistent inflammation

Benefits of Dental Scaling Treatments

1) Prevents Gum Disease and Tooth Loss:

Deep dental cleanings help discourage diseases that result from a proliferation of bacteria. Removing all calculus, plaque and tartar also mean that infections will no longer easily form. Most common cause of gum disease is the built-up plaque, and gum disease is the major cause for tooth loss. Since dental deep cleaning includes removing the plaque from your gums and teeth, it helps prevent loose tooth or worse, a tooth loss.

2) Better Oral Health

Many studies have proved the connection between the oral and overall health. It has been shown that the root of diseases such as stroke and cardiovascular diseases is often found in the oral health. Thus dental deep cleaning can be your ally in preventing medical conditions that are related to oral issues. Moreover, the regular dental checks and deep cleaning procedure can help you in the early diagnosing of diseases which in worst case can be life-threatening. Deep cleanings should be part of a comprehensive oral health package, along with flossing, drinking enough water, proper brushing habits and avoiding smoking and sugary snacks.

3) Brightens your Smile

Sparkling white smile is what we all want. We all know how important is a bright smile for self-confidence, but it is not always easy to maintain white teeth due to our daily habits such as drinking coffee and smoking. This is why you need to consider dental deep cleaning on a regular basis.

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