4 Common dental problems among middle-aged adults

Aging brings changes in the cells, tissues, muscles and affects the functioning of our body organs. It is obvious that older adults develop various problems including teeth loss due to such organ lapses associated with aging.  You might read many articles regarding dental care for those aged above 60 years.

Remember that our dental health shows signs of dental wear as we get older. In essence, the oral complications that arise in middle age warn everyone to maintain a proper diet, oral hygiene along professional care so that we can prevent many irreversible dental woes in old age.

We have seen many people aged around 40 and 60 develop certain dental problems but they are not aware that the age begins to compromise their oral cavity. In this article, Dr. Senthil Kumar has shared the common dental problems that arise when you step into middle age.

1) Gum Disease

Even though gum disease appears at any age, middle-aged adults also have a high risk of developing periodontal diseases. As the body’s immune system is slightly mitigated, it cannot prevent gum infections like it did in its youthful counterparts. Hence middle-aged adults are highly susceptible to gum infections.

Remember that gum diseases are reversible only in the initial stage of infection. Meanwhile, it does not show any painful symptoms during the progression except for some mild discomforts such as red spots or bleeding in the gums. Apart from dental complications, gum diseases are linked to serious medical conditions like heart diseases.

2) Dry Mouth Syndrome

Saliva is paramount for cleansing your mouth naturally and neutralizing acid so that bacteria accumulation and its aftereffects like tooth decay, gum diseases can be prevented to a great extent. As we get older, saliva production tends to decrease thereby our mouth lost its moisture and gets a burning sensation. Moreover, it helps the bacteria to thrive which leads to various oral problems.

Certain medications taken to combat serious illnesses also absorb saliva, leaving dryness in your mouth. For instance, people using inhalers for asthma are highly susceptible to such dental problems.

Don’t consider dry mouth as a common dental ailment that occurs due to hot weather. If you sense dryness or burning sensation in your mouth frequently, consider your dentist immediately.

3) Sensitive Teeth

As seen in the beginning, our teeth wear away due to aging. It unravels the sensitive layers underneath that cause sharp pain when they are exposed to any foreign objects. At times, various things such as lifestyle choices like alcohol consumption also lead to enamel wear down and make the teeth fragile.

It is taken advantage of various factors that also tend to teeth sensitivity and they include fractured teeth, worn fillings, gum recession (impact of infection in gums), etc.

4) Tooth loss

Unlike the teeth knocked out due to accidents or injuries, teeth falling out due to compromised bone structure is not uncommon. In most cases, tooth loss in middle-aged adults occurs due to inflammation in the gums.

As the oral tissues get older, they require additional care to protect your teeth. Hence you should practice good oral hygiene and maintain a healthy lifestyle to mitigate the impact of age on your oral cavity.

Bottom line

When you step into your 40s, it is inevitable to encounter certain ailments and diseases. It is because of the aged tissues, nerves, and muscles. Certain dental problems also happen due to this reason. They cannot be prevented unless you maintain a proper oral diet, professional care, and oral hygiene.

As most adults are busy with their family and work responsibilities, they neglect such mild illnesses. If you are one of such persons, remember that these are the initial stage of serious complications that appear in old age. Hence you should pay attention to your oral health as well as indulge in activities to stay fit and healthy.