Tips to Control Bad Breath

Bad breath, medically referred to as Halitosis is a dental condition common to everyone irrespective of age. It is mainly due to the microbial activity found in the mouth. At the onset, the oral malodor (bad breath) is subjective to the following reasons:

  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Periodontal complaints and
  • Accumulation of debris at the posterior side of the tongue

Bad Breath Control

In general, Bad Breath Paradox, wherein a person is unable to identify the bad odor of his own breath is commonly found in millions of people. Perhaps, the ability to judge a person’s own breath is. Though there are various ways to recognize the odor, distinguishing them seems to be based on a person’s persona. Moreover, this inability inhibits various consequences. Sometimes bad breath indicates a serious medical condition; it should be taken serious and treated accordingly.

Those who suffer from bad breath tend to feel uncomfortable to communicate in social gatherings, personal meetings and family get-togethers. And those with bad breath paradox end up wondering the reasons for social rejections. Infact, there are a group of people diagnosed with Halitophobia, who are obsessed with an idea of being rejected by others due to bad breath. Halitosis, as it is medically called could be classified in to the following categories

  • Genuine halitosis
  • Physiologic halitosis
  • Pathologic halitosis
  • Pseudo-halitosis
  • Halitophobia.

Though a Dentist’s help is recommended, there are a few methods on how to prevent bad breath that could be done by us. Find below the preventive measures for bad breath control.

  • Keep your mouth clean – Brush twice a day which should be followed by flossing. Food/bacteria trapped between teeth and at the gum line can be removed only with floss.
  • Cleanse your tongue – Bacteria left on your tongue can contribute to less-than-fresh breath, so be sure to brush your tongue after you’ve cleaned your teeth.
  • Denture care – If you wear dentures, remove them before going to sleep. Clean them thoroughly before wearing in the morning.
  • Drink enough water – One of the best way is to drink enough of water and goggle after eating anything.
  • Wet your oral cavity – A dry mouth can cause smelly breath. Saliva contains natural antibacterial effects that help clean your mouth, and it washes away food particles
  • Don’t stress out – Stress can dry out your mouth, causing bad breath.
  • Avoid potent foods – Garlic and onions, among other foods, include sulfur compounds that move on to the lungs after they are absorbed in the bloodstream, which in turn can cause bad breath.
  • Visit Dentist, recommended – Regular professional cleaning, correction of faulty restorations/fillings, correction of ill-fitting dentures, full mouth disinfection, treatment of gum/periodontal diseases and other oral diseases/lesions that may be a precursor or cause of halitosis can be done with the dentists diagnostic and treatment skills.

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