How can you detect the tooth infection under veneers?

Dental Veneer

Dental veneers are thin layered materials that are used to cover the outer most layer of your teeth. They are usually used for myriad purposes such as covering stains present in teeth, hide the gaps present in teeth and restoring the appearance of the teeth after an accident.

Here, in this article, let us talk about tooth infections, a major issue that arises amongst a substantial number of people after a dental veneer procedure.

Tooth infections mainly occur since the veneers are usually made up of composite materials that are prone to getting infected & corroded. There is a higher chance of the veneer getting infected if the veneers are not fitted properly in the mouth or when bleeding occurs during the procedure.

 In some cases, infection also occurs when the dental veneer is made poorly (poor craftsmanship). 

The infection is then spread to the teeth since the whole material is attached to the teeth physically. This is why it becomes very vital to remove the infection from the dental veneers before it spreads to the nearby regions and infects the gum tissues around the veneer.

How to avoid infection and what to do when you get infected due to dental veneers?

  • If the tooth veneer doesn’t fit accurately in the mouth resulting in a dark stain under the veneer and if and when you spot the stain, it becomes vital that you refer it to a dentist as soon as possible. The most common cause of this stain is due to the microleakage from the dental veneer resulting in the proliferation of bacteria in the affected region. In this case, your dentist may probe further and explain to you the next steps.
  • Another way via which you can detect possible infection is when the gums are inflated and looks abnormal after a dental veneer procedure.
  • If your gums are bleeding or if you see a visible dark halo under your porcelain veneer, it is time to check with a professional on the next steps.
  • In some cases, you might also face issues such as grinding or clenching, in which case you ought to check a dentist on how to treat the issues independently without affecting dental veneers.

In conclusion, you ought to remember that the occurrence of infection from your dental veneer is a tiny prospect especially if you have undertaken the procedure from a reputed dentist. 

If you feel there is something wrong with your dental veneer, feel free to refer to a trained dentist and decide on the next steps after taking his/her expert advice.

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