Different types of sedation used in dental treatments

Sedation Dentistry is a blessing for people who are so phobic about dental treatments. Dentists recommend this to people who are nervous about sitting in a dental seat, irrespective of the dental disorder. It is a common dental approach and involves administering a sedative to lessen the awareness of the procedure and relax the anxious patient during the treatment.

Typically, dentists consider various factors such as oral health needs, medical history to administer sedatives. It is because the type & dose of sedation depends on the patient’s needs.

In Surya Dental Care, we utilize three sedation options to calm our patients because they are safe, responsive, easy to administer, and are widely used by many dental practitioners.

1) Nitrous Oxide

This is inhalation sedation and exploits nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas during dental procedures. It is a good option for people who have mild to moderate levels of dental anxiety. This involves your dentist administer the gas through a mask placed over your face and you have to breathe deep once.

Then, the laughing gas starts to work immediately.

It allows you to keep awake throughout the procedure but in a relaxed state. In the meantime, it reduces gagging in patients.

The biggest advantage of inhalation sedation is, it will wear off quickly and allows you to return to your daily activities.

2) Oral Conscious Sedation

This sedative stimulates low to moderate oral sedation, depending on the total dose given. For mild sedation, dentists would give you a pill which should be taken an hour before the treatment. It will make you feel drowsy although you are awake so that you cannot feel the pain.

On the other hand, a large dose of anesthesia is injected for moderate sedation. It makes you fall asleep during the procedure. For moderate sedation, dental doctors or surgeons choose the right sedatives after considering the patient’s medical history, underlying problems, and the treatment needed to fix them.

Generally, the oral conscious sedation takes 4 to 10 hours to recover so it is wise to bring a trusted companion along to take you home safely.

3) IV Sedation

For patients who need moderate to deep sedation, Intravenous (IV) Dental Sedation is the best choice as it is the fastest sedation. It is administered directly into your bloodstream through the vein. Similar to other sedations, IV sedation also keeps you conscious whereas your dental doctor takes care of controlling the right level of sedation with respect to your dental needs.

For more information and acknowledge the right type of sedation for you, book your appointment with our Surya dental care. We are ready to ready to answer your queries as well as helping people who are looking for quality dental care.