Checking Blood Pressure

How does uncontrolled blood pressure affect our dental health?

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Gum infection is common Almost five hundredth of the population of the U. S quite the age of thirty experience a range of forms of gum infection


Epilepsy and Oral Health

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Three million Americans experience the ill effects of epilepsy, a focal sensory system issue bringing about repetitive seizures, which can be startling and possibly perilous. Moreover, seizures may have suggestions for oral wellbeing and dental consideration, as indicated by an article in the July/August 2003 issue of General Dentistry, the clinical, peer-evaluated diary of the … Continue reading Epilepsy and Oral Health

Dental Veneer

How can you detect the tooth infection under veneers?

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Dental veneers are thin layered materials that are used to cover the outer most layer of your teeth. They are usually used for myriad purposes such as covering stains present in teeth, hide the gaps present in teeth and restoring the appearance of the teeth after an accident.

Woman having teeth sensitivity

What are the causes of tooth sensitivity?

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woman drink water with sensitive teeth isolated on bluebackground Sensitive teeth are an issue that affects people of all ages. Sensitive teeth happen when there is a stimulus to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. This issue has not been paid enough attention to the different stakeholders involved and is the single main reason why … Continue reading What are the causes of tooth sensitivity?

What is Dental Occlusion?

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Teeth occlusion refers to the way your teeth and jaw sit together or how your upper and lower rows of teeth contact with each other. To be more specific, it’s the relationship between your mandibular or lower teeth and maxillary or upper teeth when they come into contact with each other, like when you close … Continue reading What is Dental Occlusion?


The link between oral health and pneumonia

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The implications of oral health for systemic health and risk of infection are often overlooked. The risk of aspiration pneumonia is greatest when periodontal disease, dental caries, and poor oral hygiene are compounded by swallowing disease, feeding problems, and poor functional status. The effectiveness of oral hygiene interventions for preventing aspiration pneumonia and barriers to … Continue reading The link between oral health and pneumonia


Benefits of flossing

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Brushing and flossing have always been propagated by doctors as a very effective way to avoid bacteria in your mouth and prevent gum ailments. Whilst, we all are quite familiar with the mechanics and benefits of brushing, most of us don’t have any clue about the immense benefits of flossing and why it is essential … Continue reading Benefits of flossing

Smiling woman

6 ways to keep up your whitish smile recovered with teeth whitening

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Whether it is Professional in-office Teeth Whitening or cleaned at home with kit, teeth whitening helps you to restore your white smile. The pearly white teeth you restored with teeth bleaching treatments begin to fade over a period of time. If you want to keep the brightness of your restored whitish smile, then you should … Continue reading 6 ways to keep up your whitish smile recovered with teeth whitening

Hazards of Missing Tooth

Why do we need to restore missing teeth?

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Everyone has overcome the stage of losing milk teeth in childhood. It is a natural thing and indicates the development of permanent teeth beneath the gum line. It is abnormal to encounter such teeth loss in adulthood because such adult teeth are permanent. Hidden hazards of missing adult teeth

Chewing Gums

5 Oral Health benefits of chewing gums

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Chewing Gum is not just a candy like most people think. It is potent to clean and protect our teeth. In general, a chewing gum is a combination of gum, resin, filler, sweeteners, softeners, flavorings and certain antioxidants. Unlike sugary bubble gums that contain sugars as sweeteners, sugar-free chewing gums, Xylitol chewing gums are potent … Continue reading 5 Oral Health benefits of chewing gums

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