Kids Dental Care

5 common dental issues that are prone to your kid’s teeth

by suryadental

Baby teeth in infants and kids are highly vulnerable to tooth decay as their enamel are not harder as permanent teeth. Such caries and decay lead the teeth to fall out earlier. You may ask, “Permanent teeth can erupt only after the milk teeth fall out. Then, why we need to worry about that?”

Dental care during Pregnancy

Is it necessary for dental checkups during Pregnancy?

by suryadental

Similar to prenatal checkups, dental checkups are also essential for every woman during their pregnancy period. Why? Your dental health has a direct effect on the health of your baby. Your teeth and gums are highly vulnerable to infection due to the hormonal changes occur during maternity. Such infection will lead to premature birth, low … Continue reading Is it necessary for dental checkups during Pregnancy?

Tooth Enamel Erosion

7 factors of tooth enamel erosion

by suryadental

Do you know which is the hardest part of our body? If you say bone, it is not correct. Your tooth enamel is much stronger than your bone. Enamel is the outer cover of a tooth and is responsible for protecting the inner layers of a tooth. As it is made up of dense material, … Continue reading 7 factors of tooth enamel erosion

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