How do dental illnesses affect your brain health

How do dental illnesses affect your brain health?

by suryadental

Your oral cavity has many fascinating interconnections with your total body wellness. Poor oral care will make you vulnerable to a multitude of systemic diseases like respiratory diseases, diabetes, heart diseases, and much more. Do you know that bacteria proliferated with untreated dental illnesses can affect your brain health?

Harmful effects of aluminium on your oral health

Harmful effects of aluminium on your oral health

by suryadental

Similar to eating nutritious foods, choosing the right cookware to prepare the cuisines is also crucial for a healthy life. Recent evidences show that foods we eat have unpleasant effects on our body due to the toxic substances in the cooking utensil’s raw material. For instance, aluminium utensils are the widely used cookware in houses … Continue reading Harmful effects of aluminium on your oral health


Best and worst drinks for your teeth

by suryadental

What we eat and how often we eat are the essential things required to keep our mouth clean and healthy. To maintain a healthy oral cavity, you should follow a diet that comprises of tooth-friendly foods and drinks. Most people are not aware of the effects of the drinks they consume on their teeth. Similar … Continue reading Best and worst drinks for your teeth


Natural Sweeteners for your dental health

by suryadental

It can be difficult to leave refined sugar. Fortunately, there are natural substitutes for sugar, which offers a healthy amount of sweetness without any of the bad side effects. They’re low in fructose, low in calories, and very sweet in taste.

Bad Breath

Different Kinds of Bad Breath

by suryadental

Chronic emission of a nasty, foul smell from mouth is quite embarrassing. The primary cause of such an unpleasant smell is the breakdown of proteins by bacteria in the oral cavity. Although bad breath is associated with various dental diseases, certain health problems also cause Halitosis (Bad Breath). To put it simply, the bad breath … Continue reading Different Kinds of Bad Breath

Geographic Tongue

What is Geographic Tongue?

by suryadental

Does your tongue look like a road map? Do you have a geographic tongue? Otherwise known as of migratory glossitis or a wandering rash, a geographic tongue may be the cause of inflammation though the exact reason is not known. Anyway, there is no need to panic as a geographic tongue is benign with no … Continue reading What is Geographic Tongue?

Enamel Erosion

How can you prevent tooth enamel erosion?

by suryadental

Tooth enamel – The hard, white-colored shell protects our teeth from damages. It is an outer layer that shields the teeth’s soft and sensitive regions. When the enamel weakens, the underlying layers like dentin, nerve tissues are visible and get agitated with the food, drinks you take and bacterial attacks. This makes the teeth vulnerable … Continue reading How can you prevent tooth enamel erosion?

Dry Mouth

What makes your mouth feel dry?

by suryadental

Does your mouth feel dry? Do you know that there are many reasons as to why the mouth gets dry? If you are suffering from a dry mouth syndrome just run through this blog and get to know the reasons. Among the various health conditions that people are susceptible to such as yeast infections, Alzheimer’s … Continue reading What makes your mouth feel dry?

woman biting her nail

Nail Biting is harmful to your teeth

by suryadental

Nail-biting is one of the most common habits experienced by anyone breezing through childhood. Whilst most of us overcome the innate habit, some of us don’t, resulting in some uncomfortable side-effects. For some, this habit can be hard to come out of thus causing long-term damage to health.

A boy shows his teeth

Surprising causes of white spots on teeth

by suryadental

Do you have white spots on your teeth? Are you conscious about discolorations on your teeth? Everyone is proud to have a set of white shining teeth. But do you know that white spots on the teeth dash dreams of flashing a brilliant smile? White spots on the teeth not only make people conscious of … Continue reading Surprising causes of white spots on teeth

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