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Whether it is Professional in-office Teeth Whitening or cleaned at home with kit, teeth whitening helps you to restore your white smile. The pearly white teeth you restored with teeth bleaching treatments begin to fade over a period of time. If you want to keep the brightness of your restored whitish smile, then you should cut down a few food items and give up certain habits that are discussed here.

1.Exclude dark drinks

Beverages like tea, coffee and drinks like soda, wine, certain juices can discolor the teeth by depositing stains on them. Hence you should avoid those dark drinks for at least two weeks following the teeth whitening treatment.

If you feel tough to give up these drinks, then consume them at lower rates. Brushing and rinsing the teeth after taking these liquids is mandatory in order to minimize the amount of contacting the teeth with those fluids.

2. Avoid food items with coloring products

Artificial coloring agents which are added as ingredients in candies and foodstuffs can easily sick on the teeth surfaces. It accelerates the rate of teeth discoloration after the dental cleaning treatment.

Hence Dentists suggest that one should not eat candies, sweet stuff and other soft drinks for 3 days after teeth whitening.

3. Switch to a new toothbrush

It is no need to mention brush and rinse your mouth effectively and brush twice a day. Every Dentist suggests these things to their patients.

If you get prophylaxis (teeth cleaning) treatments recently, then replace your existing toothbrush with a new one. This is because the fade bristles are dull and not efficient to extract the discoloring agents on the teeth surfaces. Similarly, they may reintroduce bacteria to the teeth cleaned at the dental office.

4. Drink plenty of water

Saliva plays a dominant role in cleaning our mouth. It can clear away the stains and discoloring agents deposited on our teeth. Besides this, the fluid which flows in our mouth is efficient to remineralize the teeth enamel through the minute pores in the teeth surfaces.

Drinking more water and chewing sugar-free gums after meals are the easy ways to induce salivary flow in the mouth.

5. Avert Smoking

The nicotine present in Cigarettes can easily discolor a tooth by penetrating with the small openings in the enamel. If you smoke immediately after the dental cleaning treatment, then your teeth are highly vulnerable to staining and discoloration.

Besides reducing the brightness of one’s smile, smoking makes the person prone to gum diseases. If you need a pearl whitish smile and strong oral health, then give up the habit of smoking.

6. Prefer fruit salads instead of crunchy snacks

Eatables like chips and other crunchy snacks are slightly acidic in nature. Frequent consumption of those food items is also responsible for teeth discoloration.

Replacing such snacks with fruits and vegetable salads will help your teeth to maintain their brightness. Fruits like Pineapple can naturally remove the stains on the teeth. Fruits and vegetables help you to nourish your health by feeding nutrients.


Whitening teeth in a Dental office done by a Dental Professional is best when compared to deploying teeth whitening kit available in stores. This is because such kits may cause various side effects.

The longevity of the whitish smile you restored with the tooth cleaning treatments depends on the food items you consume and your care one the teeth. If you know any other post care teeth whitening tips apart from these, please enter in the comment section.