5 tips to alleviate teething pain of your little champs

5 tips to alleviate teething pain of your little champs

Teeth eruption is an important development stage of a baby. Do you know the teeth begin to develop before the birth of a baby? The developed teeth begin to erupt when the infant is aged 4 months. While teething, the baby cannot stay calm as it causes mild pain, soreness in the gums to babies. Hence every patient should aware of the essential soothing tips to keep their babies calm and lessen their little champ’s troubles in this stage.

Similarly, teething exhibits a variety of symptoms like drooling, runny nose, redness in gums, mouthiness, etc. Some infants have fever or diarrhea when teething begins.

In this article, our kids’ dentists have shared some essential tips to alleviate the teething pain in babies.

1) Gum massage

Your little champ will get teething relief if you apply gentle pressure on his/her little gums. Wash your hands and massage the kid’s gums in circular motions, it will reduce the pain, soreness, along with other irritations associated with teething.

2) Give a cooling treat

When a cooling sensation is introduced to the oral tissues, the soreness in the mouth will reduce. Tenderness triggered by teething is not an exception. Here are some tricks:

  • Soak a clean gauze in cold water and wring out the water. Then place it in a freezer for some minutes. Now fold it and place it in the baby’s mouth to chew.
  • You can also give your baby a slice of chilled fruit like apple, mango, grape, mashed banana after placing it in a freezer. When the little ones suck in the chilled fruits, the cold substance will calm the sore gums.

You should handle this remedy carefully because it has a high chance of choking hazards.

3) Teething toys

Similar to pacifiers, you can get a variety of teething toys & teething rings in stores. You have to refrigerate those kids’ care appliances and give them to your baby. As these appliances are designed to soothe and temporarily distract a baby, the moisture calms down the irritated tissues and provides relief to a fussy baby from teething pain.

Note: Don’t give your little champ the teething rings filled with gels.

4) Wipe the drool away

As mentioned earlier, when teething begins, excessive drooling also occurs. If drooling in the face is not cleaned, it dries, followed by developing rashes. It will disturb the child and provide a way for infections also.

Hence every parent should wipe out the drool from the baby’s face using a wet cloth at regular intervals.

5) Medications

You should consult your pediatric dentist if any of the soothing techniques did not help. We are telling this, some medications can help the infants to reduce the irritations.

Bottom line

When teeth break through the gums, the infants encounter some difficulties that are generally termed as teething pain. This is why they scream frequently during the teeth eruption stage. Such discomforts can be addressed with the techniques we discussed above because they provide instant relief to the baby.

Do you know any teething pain-alleviating tips? If yes, please share with us in the comment section.

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