Is it necessary to remove some teeth before getting dental braces?

Dental Brace

Do teeth have to be removed in order to wear dental braces? Do you feel uncomfortable about extraction? In some cases, teeth do not have to removed, while there are instances where this has to be done for several reasons. It is the aim of every orthodontist to obtain a great smile and a stable bite through a comfortable process. Normally, a dentist will explain the type of treatment that is needed to correct a malocclusion or defect in the normal position of the upper and lower teeth.

In most cases, the orthodontist will not prefer to extract the teeth. But if there is extreme crowding of the teeth, it is necessary to remove one or more teeth. Sometimes, people have extra teeth that have to be removed as they tend to push other teeth out of position. When there is overcrowding, the teeth grow behind or in front of the normally positioned teeth. In these cases, extraction is necessary.

Is Extraction of Teeth Necessary?

Professional orthodontists will not recommend extraction unless they decide that this is the best choice. Some of the reasons for extraction may be because the tooth is too large as compared to other teeth or is deformed or badly shaped. In some cases the tooth may be decayed or damaged because of overlapping. The jaw may not be large enough to accommodate all the teeth. In some instances, all the teeth cannot be straightened without removal. There are other techniques that will provide the necessary relief and help to make room in the mouth without extraction. This includes palate widening by utilizing a particular device which can be used for children and even in some adults. In case the patient does not want extraction, it is wise to discuss alternatives with the orthodontist including the advantages and disadvantages.

The orthodontist will examine the patient’s teeth minutely and recommend X-rays and models so an advantageous treatment plan can be reached. Here are some of the reasons why an orthodontist will suggest removal of teeth:

  • Teeth which protrude –With the underlying teeth determining the position of the lips, teeth need to be aligned in order to improve the posture of the lips.
  • Crowding –When there is not enough of room to accommodate all the teeth, the size of the arches need to be increased or augmented or the number of teeth or its size has to be made smaller.
  • Correction of the bite –If the size of the upper and lower jaws is not matched, extractions are needed to conceal or camouflage any discrepancy in the underlying jaw.

Other reasons include:

  • Impacted teeth
  • Midline shifts
  • Symmetry
  • Extra teeth

Most often, extraction of teeth if it is deemed necessary and beneficial by the orthodontist will include removal of one to four teeth. It is also common for removal of an odd number such as one or three teeth. The extraction of teeth will involve the fourth and fifth teeth and the premolars. Sometimes it is necessary for other teeth to be removed depending on the case.  According to the recommended treatment, the orthodontist will perform a trial version with plaster models of the patient’s teeth which is otherwise known as a diagnostic set-up.

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