8 celebrities who had changed their facial aesthetics with braces

Tom Cruise Whether they are whitened, straightened, veneered or replaced, it’s hard to find a celebrity who hasn’t had something ‘done’ to their teeth.  Some stars opt for subtle differences with minor dental work, while others make changes that entirely alter the look of their faces. Here’s a list of 8 celebrities who had changed their looks with braces.

1) Mike Tyson (Boxer)

Boxers aren’t exactly known for their pretty teeth, but even by those standards, Mike Tyson’s smile was lacking. The boxer went through a phase when he wore gold caps on his front teeth, but now he’s had the gap closed ever so slightly and ditched the gold caps. His teeth are smaller and closer together than they have ever been, all thanks to braces and treatment.

2) Tom Cruise (Actor)

The star of “Risky Business,” “Mission Impossible,” “Top Gun” and a slew of other hit movies started his career with discolored, out-of-alignment teeth. To become a true leading man capable of drawing audiences from Phoenix, AZ; to Baltimore, MD; Cruise rung up a number of cosmetic dentistry costs. This included braces, whitening and straightening his teeth and has reportedly upgraded to a mouthful of veneers since then.

3) Victoria Beckham (Singer and Fashion Icon)

The most famous member of the Spice Girls is known for her style and fashion sense, hence the nickname “Posh.” But Beckham’s old teeth were anything but posh, with uneven spacing and wide gaps. Before she shot to fame in the all-girl group in the late 1990’s, Beckham had her teeth straightened and bonded and used braces.

4) Emma Watson

The Harry Potter star didn’t wave a wand to get her magical smile. She had her traditional braces on for 4 months when she was 14, and has said that she chose to wear them because a smile is for life. Hermione always was the smartest girl at Hogwarts!

5) Dakota Fanning

Dakota grew up on camera, so we were able to watch her orthodontic journey unfold firsthand. She’s explained in various interviews over the years that she lacks the enzyme that breaks down the roots of the baby teeth. Because of this, they don’t fall out on their own, so every tooth she’s lost was one she had to have pulled. This celeb has had the full works–from expanders and head gear, to braces and retainers–but judging by the beautiful smile she’s sporting these days, it was all worth it!

6) Justin Bieber

At the height of his days as a teen heartthrob, Justin invested in Invisalign braces, even posting a video to show them off. Invisible Invisalign are not only a great choice for celebs, but for the rest of us, too! Justin wore his daily for about a year, only taking them off for eating and cleaning. When he flashes that familiar fantastic smile, the results speak for themselves!

7) Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge was as pretty as a princess even before she married Prince William, and she can thank Invisalign for at least some of that loveliness! Kate saw a French orthodontist who specializes in an “imperfect” look of perfection by attaching the invisible braces to the backs of the teeth, instead of the front. She kept these on for about six months before the couple’s big day, giving her a radiant smile to walk down the aisle with.

8) Gwen Stefani

She’s got The Voice and she’s got the looks! Gwen has always been known for her eclectic fashion sense, and that includes a brief stint wearing a full set of traditional metal braces as an accessory in the 90’s. She may not have needed them to straighten her smile, but we love that she made metal so mainstream.

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