Baby Brushing Teeth

Important facets to develop good dental health habits in children

by suryadental

Kids learn by example, and parents are the first and primary example kids have when it comes to creating healthy habits on their own. Parents sometimes have a hard time convincing their kids to take good care of their teeth. Although a child’s baby teeth will eventually all fall out, it’s not a free pass … Continue reading Important facets to develop good dental health habits in children

Root Canal Treatment

Few post care tips to be followed after root canal treatment

by suryadental

Root canal treatment is a treatment that is normally performed when a patient’s teeth is severely damaged or in a state of decay. The operation involves removal of the pulp and nerves resulting in the need for a good post operative care. What happens during the procedure? The tooth pulp is removed during the procedure … Continue reading Few post care tips to be followed after root canal treatment

Heal Dental Caries

How to heal cavities naturally without going to the dentist?

by suryadental

Cavities are the most common dental problems among people. What actually these cavities are? How are they formed? How to heal cavities without a dentist? Let’s discuss it deep in this.

Bleeding Gums

How to stop bleeding gums?

by suryadental

Bleeding gums is a common issue, yet a must treatable one. Because it may give complex dental problems in the future. As prevention is better than cure, it is best to prevent yourself from such things. We, at Surya Dental Care, give the utmost care to our patients in providing the best treatment for any … Continue reading How to stop bleeding gums?

Tongue Cleaning

Why should you clean your tongue?

by suryadental

Many people think that their brush bristles and flossing wire are enough to keep their mouth clean. If you are one of them, then remember that “You are cleaning just 1/20 of your mouth”. Dental researches reveal that around 700 different species of bacteria living in our mouth.

TMJ disorders

Signs and Symptoms of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder(TMJ)

by suryadental

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder(TMJ) is a pretty common ailment affecting more than 10 million people in India and covers a variety of conditions. TMJ joint acts like a moving hinge and connects your jaws and skull. When there is a problem with the hinge connecting the upper and lower jaw, then it is called a TMJ … Continue reading Signs and Symptoms of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder(TMJ)

Dental Surgery

Important things you should know about Frenectomy

by suryadental

Frenectomy is a surgical procedure that is undertaken to remove frenulum. Usually undertaken in the mouth, in this procedure, frenum, an oral organ present in the tooth & gums and responsible for impairing oral function is detached. Depending on the patient’s medical history, one or both of the frena is operated upon.


Poor oral health – a cause of dementia?

by suryadental

Poor oral health has long been a cause of many ailments, dental and otherwise. But in this article, let us talk about one issue in particular. Does poor oral health cause dementia? Studies have for a long time shown that dental health might be linked to the presence of alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Baby Teething

Baby teething Remedies

by suryadental

While babies getting their first teeth is an occasion worth treasuring, the process is far from easy for the kid. Baby teething causes pain which results in lot of uncomfortable moments for the child. As a parent, we understand that the child’s comfort always comes first to you. So, here in this article, our child … Continue reading Baby teething Remedies

Wisdom Teeth

Tips to get relief from pain caused by Wisdom Teeth

by suryadental

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that appears on people usually between 17 and 22. They are usually molars that cause more issues than any other teeth present in your mouth. Each year, millions of people take their wisdom teeth away because of a number of concerns like increase in the presence of … Continue reading Tips to get relief from pain caused by Wisdom Teeth

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