What causes pain in the tooth with a crown?

Tooth with a dental crown

Does your tooth hurt? Have you checked the crown of your tooth? In some cases, the crown of the tooth may be damaged by grinding or clenching or by biting a hard food. If the crown of the tooth becomes loose, it manifests with throbbing pain. The tooth can become damaged or in some instances get infected causing nerve pain due to bacteria under the crown. Only very few of the pains that can assault the body can come close to a toothache. But do crowns cause discomfort? This may surprise you but they do! Whether the crown is old or new, tooth crown pain does give the patient pain as well as discomfort and it’s best to visit the dentist to find out the root of the matter.

What is a dental crown and why do some people need it? As a prosthetic tooth, a dental crown which is fixed is not a removable denture. A crown may be cemented to a natural tooth or a dental implant. Only a dentist can fix it or remove it. A crown resembles a natural tooth and is functional as well as used a prosthetic. A dental crown is available in the color of the teeth or sometimes in gold.

A Dental Crown and Its Uses

Dental crowns have various functions such as serving as a support for a dental bridge, as a covering for a dental implant and as concealment for an unusually shaped tooth or discolored tooth/teeth. There are different types of dental crowns which range over materials such as resin or ceramic, gold, base metal, stainless steel, porcelain and alloy.

A dental crown is sometimes used as a restoration of a broken or worn down tooth, support for a tooth which requires a larger filling and as protection for a broken or weak tooth. Dental crowns for children are used for protecting a tooth that is prone to tooth decay, for saving a decayed or a damaged tooth and as an alternative for particular dental procedures that require surgery or anesthesia. A dental crown is placed on top of an abutment which is screwed into an implant and which is fused into the jaw bone. In other words, a dental crown is a part of an implant which looks just like a natural tooth.

Why Does a Tooth Crown Cause Pain?

With various causes as to why crowns cause pain, some of them may be attributed to a  which is fitted without having a root canal procedure to remove the tooth pulp. This causes pressure on a nerve which already traumatized. In some cases, a bite also known as an occlusion which is not perfectly aligned may cause pain when a patient grinds his or her teeth. Sometimes, the pain is due to previous fillings especially made from silver which may have had leakages and resulting in bacteria which have infected the nerve.

Patients who are prone to bruxism or grinding of teeth may experience pain and can get relief by using mouth guards, relaxing the facial muscles using a warm moist cloth on the cheeks and trying to reduce stress before sleeping. It is also necessary to practice oral hygiene and by visiting the dentist on a regular basis.

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