Different dental care solutions for gummy smile correction

Gummy Smile>

A gummy smile is nothing when you smile too much of gums will be exposed. Want to say it more clearly? When you smile, your upper lips will cover gums but if your smile exposes 2 to 3 mm of gums, where your lips unable to cover your gums, then it is said to be a gummy smile.

Some of the causes of a gummy smile are

  • When your upper lip are short
  • Gingival hypertrophy – This is the condition where your gums become enlarged or long
  • When your upper jaw has grown excessively
  • When your teeth are smaller than gum
  • Genetics

This problem is found more in women than in men. You don’t need to worry about it as there are so many treatment options available to fix this problem.

1) Teeth Braces

If you have mild gummy smile that occurred due to orthodontic problems such as minor jaw issue or a bad bite, then braces are a good option.

People who have an overbite will mostly suffer from a gummy smile. Braces push the teeth in, enabling upper lips to cover the gum.

2) Lip Surgery

If your lips are hyperactive or short, gums will be exposed more.

Lip repositioning surgery is an easy option where your lips are positioned closer to the teeth so that gums exposed become reduced.

This procedure is simple, where local anesthesia will be applied to the gums, and excess gums are cut off. Then your lips are stitched inside closer to the teeth. This process is not complicated like jaw surgery.

3) Botox

Injecting Botulinum toxin type A, also known as Botox on the upper-middle lip, temporarily reduces the movement of overactive lips and increases the volume of lip a bit resulting in a less gummy smile.

This works temporarily for two to three months, and according to your wish, you can inject it again. Someone who is fear of injection is not suitable for this treatment.

4) Laser Gum Contouring

Here the excess amount of gum tissues is removed by the help of the special type dental lasers. Gum Contouring is one of the commonly used treatments for a gummy smile and a good alternative for complicated surgeries.

Here the treatment takes place quickly, and bleeding will be minimized compared to traditional surgery.

5) Crowd Lengthening

Some people’s teeth will not be fully erupted, removing gum tissues and/or supporting bone, helps to expose more teeth. Thus the gums withdraw its correct position by lengthening the crown.

6) Gingivectomy

Gingivectonomy is the method of correcting uneven gum lines by removing off the excess gum tissues. Here the treatment must be handled only with the help of an experienced periodontist. This procedure is also recommended for those who suffer from gum disease.

7) Jaw Surgery

The problems that are difficult to fix by orthodontic treatment require the need for jaw surgery. Here the jaw position is realigned in order to minimize the gummy smile.

8) Dental veneers or crowns

Some people have shorter teeth genetically, which makes their gums visible more. Here, dental veneers are a great option that will change the shape of the teeth and make them look bigger by creating a better ratio.

These are the different options available to correct your gummy smile to get a beautiful smile.

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