What Causes Baby Bottle Tooth Decay and How to Prevent It?

Children are very fond of sweets in their childhood and we all have heard parents warning their children for not eating too much of sweets. Why do they care that way? The answer says that they want to prevent their children from Baby Bottle tooth decay. Maintaining oral health is a significant step towards overall health maintenance. Over exposure of baby teeth to eatables high in sugar is responsible for the occurrence of this disease. Even the most common food highly enjoyed by children like milk, fruit juice,sodas and soft drinks should be limited in intake. The sugar from these liquids stays inside the mouth near to the teeth and gums and invites bacteria to feed upon it. There are acidic attacks happening to the teeth on over consumption of such sugary intake. Furthermore, it is often believed that breast-fed infants do suffer from such diseases provided they are continuously given milk from their mother’s breast even after a certain age. Since children are less aware of all such possible problems, it is best for parents to maintain healthy eating habits in them. A visit to a kids dentist can then be avoided or kept as the last solution.

How to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

When it has been believed by all that prevention is better than cure, this idea should be well considered while maintaining oral health of children. Since the primary cause of baby bottle tooth decay is existence of sugar in the mouth for a long time, it should be ensured that children are not having a sugary stuff in the mouth for prolonged period of time. It commonly happens that children fall asleep when they have a sugary substance still held in their mouth. Parents should keep a check on this when their children are going to sleep. Negligence of such oral health maintenance needs for long time may also cause long term damage. Getting helped by experts of pediatric dentistry is a good solution to ensure healthier smiles in children.

Plus, parents should also make a regular habit of cleaning children’s teeth and gums. For infants, it will help in growth of teeth. Children should also be told about the importance of brushing to avoid dental problems. Along with this, a balanced diet with all the required nutrients for effective child growth should be served. What we eat has a huge impact on the overall health. So, children should be prevented from taking unhealthy, sugary food in excess. Parents should also consult the kids dentists on when they should let the child drink from the cup inside of a bottle.

How to Get the Best Dental Treatments for Children?

It becomes a very crucial need for parents to look for kids dentist when their child is suffering from dental problems. Instead of just visiting a dentist specializing in general dentistry, you can get better treatment from the expert of pediatric dentistry. The specializations of dentistry they have expertise in make them capable to serve the common dental problems in children. He knows well about the niceties of dental ailments occurring in a child’s mouth and how different they are from adults. Thus, you can get the best
treatments as well as advices for your children from such an expert dentist.

Parents are also advised not to neglect such diseases their child may be suffering with. Making a visit regularly to an expert dentist will help in knowing the complete oral health status. Making the children aware about the possible health issues when they consume highly sugary food or eatables is indeed, the best way to tackle the root cause of dental diseases in children.