Dental Sealants

Why are dental sealants needed for our Teeth?

by suryadental

Do we need dental sealants for our teeth? Do you want to prevent tooth decay? Everyone knows that brushing and flossing are the usual ways that help to prevent cavities. But is this method alone enough to clean the back teeth or molars which have rough surfaces and uneven edges? Though brushing and flossing help … Continue reading Why are dental sealants needed for our Teeth?

Dental Fluorosis

Dental Fluorosis – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

by suryadental

Does your child have dental fluorosis? Does fluorosis affect the health of people especially children? Have you heard of dental fluorosis? Affecting children’s teeth, dental fluorosis is hypocalcification of the tooth enamel. This problem causes less calcification in the teeth than the normal amount thereby leading to discoloration and much softer enamel. Pronounced as floo-roh-sis, … Continue reading Dental Fluorosis – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Apple Cider Vinegar

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Teeth

by suryadental

Do you have a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar in your home? Did you know that apple cider vinegar has multi-use purposes? With numerous uses, apple cider vinegar is great for personal external and internal use including household chores! As a must-have in every household, apple cider vinegar also known as ACV is made from … Continue reading Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Teeth

Geographic Tongue

What is Geographic Tongue?

by suryadental

Does your tongue look like a road map? Do you have a geographic tongue? Otherwise known as of migratory glossitis or a wandering rash, a geographic tongue may be the cause of inflammation though the exact reason is not known. Anyway, there is no need to panic as a geographic tongue is benign with no … Continue reading What is Geographic Tongue?

Enamel Erosion

How can you prevent tooth enamel erosion?

by suryadental

Tooth enamel – The hard, white-colored shell protects our teeth from damages. It is an outer layer that shields the teeth’s soft and sensitive regions. When the enamel weakens, the underlying layers like dentin, nerve tissues are visible and get agitated with the food, drinks you take and bacterial attacks. This makes the teeth vulnerable … Continue reading How can you prevent tooth enamel erosion?

A girl suffering from Bad Breath

What causes bad breath and how can we cure this?

by suryadental

Are you suffering from bad breath? Do you know that health problems can be caused by bad breath? The medical term for bad breath is halitosis which is a result of poor dental habits. Bad breath can cause innumerable health problems which are made worse by leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Another cause for bad breath … Continue reading What causes bad breath and how can we cure this?

Metal Brace

Tips to fix a broken brace

by suryadental

When a component in the metal brace you wear gets damaged or flawed, the brace cannot exert enough pressure to move the teeth to their aligned position. Then your orthodontic treatment will become less effective. Meanwhile, the damaged components of a brace will cause aggravations like abrasions, soreness inside the mouth.

Electric Toothbrushes

Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush

by suryadental

It’s just two minutes a day to keep your smile healthy for life long. Yes. Are you brushing your teeth at least for two minutes? No. Only a few are doing it correctly, and others?


How to clean Invisalign retainers?

by suryadental

Are you wondering how to clean your Invisalign retainers? Do you want your teeth to look bright? It is necessary to keep your Invisalign retainers clean with good oral hygiene and maintain a perfect smile. By adding oral hygiene to your lifestyle with the right upkeep you can restore an original look to Invisalign retainers. … Continue reading How to clean Invisalign retainers?

Dry Mouth

What makes your mouth feel dry?

by suryadental

Does your mouth feel dry? Do you know that there are many reasons as to why the mouth gets dry? If you are suffering from a dry mouth syndrome just run through this blog and get to know the reasons. Among the various health conditions that people are susceptible to such as yeast infections, Alzheimer’s … Continue reading What makes your mouth feel dry?

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