Why do a child’s permanent teeth come in yellow?

Why do a child's permanent teeth come in yellow?

Permanent teeth eruption is not just a sign of your kid’s oral development. It is also a manifestation of growth in healthy children. The milk teeth that erupt in infanthood are pushed out by the permanent teeth. Usually, the adult teeth eruption begins when a kid turns 6 or 7 years old.

It is a pleasant feel to notice a tooth’s outburst and each stage of its growth. Right?

However, the permanent teeth come in yellow color or with dark stains for some kids. Many parents approached us regarding this issue and asked whether their kids’ teeth are healthy or not.

Hence we decided to write a post on this to proclaim such permanent teeth coming in discolored is normal and it is not bothersome.

Why do a child’s adult teeth come in yellow?

Generally, the teeth begin to form during pregnancy. The baby teeth begin to form at 6th week of pregnancy whereas the permanent teeth start to develop at 4 months of pregnancy. It means the medications & edibles that an expectant mother ingests will influence the baby’s teeth.

In simply, poor diet and care during pregnancy can affect both the milk teeth and permanent teeth of a kid.

Here are other possible reasons why your little champ’s permanent teeth appear yellow:

  • Yellow-toned dentin – Dentin is a layer present underneath the enamel and is yellowish. As adult teeth have more dentin, the yellow-toned soft layer makes the newly erupted teeth appear darker. It is a normal thing and the yellow color fades away when the enamel calcifies over years.
  • Genetically weak enamel – Thin or weak enamel is a common dental problem and it is genetically inherited for some people. If your kid has thin and translucent enamel due to genes, the dentin layer’s color makes the teeth look yellow.
  • Molar-Incisor Hypoplasia (MIH) – It occurs in rare cases. Some bodily disorders or developmental defects in a kid after birth affect some areas of the enamel. Such affected areas are hypomineralized and appear dark or yellow.
  • Certain antibiotics – Early intake of certain medications, supplements, and antibiotics also make the permanent teeth coming in discolored.
  • Plaque build-up – Kids who had plaque build-up on their deciduous teeth due to inefficient dental care routines have high chances of getting discolorations in the primary teeth.

Will my child need dental treatments to cure this problem?

Remember that the permanent teeth eruption with yellow hues is not an atypical thing. It goes on its own when the children grow up.

However, dental treatment is needed if you or your spouse has any genetically inherited tooth problems and detect yellow-colored permanent teeth eruption. Consult your pediatric dentist to know the root cause and appropriate treatment your little champ needs.

On the other hand, your toddler should indulge in certain corrective measures to get rid of this problem. Here are a few:

Bottom line

The permanent teeth that appear yellow or stained during an eruption are still healthy. They got discoloration due to genetic, physical, and environmental factors.

In the pursuit of making the kids’ erupting adult teeth pearly white, some people go for OTC whitening products but those products will harm the teeth rather than whitening. Hence it is mandatory to consult a child dentist to get the toothpaste with the right whitening agents available for kids.

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