Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is performed to reverse the bone loss / destruction caused by periodontal disease, trauma, or ill fitting removable dentures. It is also used to augment bone to permit implant placement, such as augmenting bone in the sinus area for implant placement, or augmenting bone to enhance the fit and comfort of removable prostheses, or to enhance esthetics of a missing tooth site in the smile zone. When one looses a tooth, as in an extraction, the surrounding bone collapses. To preserve this bone for future implant placement or for esthetics, a bone graft is used.

Bone grafting can be done in three ways which are: autogenous, allograft and xenograft.Bone loss happens when there is a rapid decrease in the bone supporting teeth roots, which mainly occurs due to gum disease.

The condition of bone loss is irrevocable, as the lost part is not expected to grow back. If you don’t think of arresting bone loss in the early stage, the tooth support is put to risk, which can result in loose teeth that can eventually fall. This prevailing condition is named as Periodontitis. There are various periodontal treatments available to arrest bone loss. However, as always ‘prevention is better than cure’.

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